Saturday, June 05, 2010

Obama wants a radical on the SCOTUS..duh

again, not really news but just in case you know any morons who think she is okay, here are some links. And if you know anyone who thinks things like late-term abortion or affirmative action are okay...just walk away from them slowly and leave it at that


Jim said...

in case you know any morons who think she is okay

Not only do I think she is OK, she is pretty much what I would expect when I vote for a Democratic president. Because it is no surprise to anybody but you, apparently, that intelligent, wise, and savvy people have valid opinions different from yours.

I totally support any one who believes as I do that abortion and abortion techniques should be a matter of a doctor and her patient. It is a very reasonable position and one held by a very large segment of the country.

Affirmative action has good and bad consequences. It's complex as the issues it addresses are complex, apparently too complex for the likes of you. I would support anyone who recognizes the complexity and believes the intent of affirmative action policies is to improve the lot of Americans and provide benefits to American society over time.


Sarah Palin may dance the hootchy-coo while lighting farts on the moon, too, but that doesn't mean it will really happen. Your cited article says the White House implies that is may use executive privilege. I read it several times, and it doesn't. The author infers it because the author wants to. Doesn't make it true.

GALLUP: Support below recent nominees, similar to Miers...

It doesn't matter. The president has chosen her, she is well-qualified, and the Senate will approve her.

Radical? Hardly. The assertion is laughable.

Anonymous said...

Ruth Ginsburg's sick, so Obama will get a third pick in the next year or two. If Kennedy checks out sometime during his second term, that will be a fourth pick. Lighten up before your little brain explodes.

The Blame Game

The Game said...

"Blame Game" is once again to stupid to even acknowledge beyond this comment...but Jim, I am not going to let you get away with a flat out lie..

Around 80% of American's are against late term abortions..only someone sick in the head can be okay with that.
There are virtually no times when it "saves the life of the mother" which is something idiot liberals like to claim is why they support it...
So you are okay with murdering babies now Jim...wonderful

Jim said...

I'm not OK with murdering anybody. Babies are not being murdered. If they were, people would be in jail for it.

Around 80% of American's are against late term abortions..only someone sick in the head can be okay with that.

Not sure what you are trying to say here. You have a problem I'm sure with the end of DADT and yet 78% of Americans are in favor of repeal. You will no doubt say that the people who are most involved with the results of the repeal, the soldiers and their officers, should be the final arbiters of DADT.

And yet hypocritically you think that because 80% of Americans oppose late term abortions, the decision to perform and undergo this medical procedure should be taken out of the hands of those most involved.

"But what about the babies?! What about the babies?!" Legally they aren't babies; they are fetuses. My statement above stands.