Wednesday, June 30, 2010

US accepts international assistance for Gulf spill

This guy is a pure incompetent ass.

Took 70 days to make this decision
70 f-ing days.
70 days of oil destroying the environment
70 days of destroying the economy
This guy has no clue
He can't run anything, he is a joke


Scorpion said...

A reasonable idea finally...imagine that...took long enough..

Jim said...

All your bs is bs including your bs about the Jones Act.

McClatchy explodes the myth.

"Totally not true," said Mark Ruge, counsel to the Maritime Cabotage Task Force, a coalition of U.S. shipbuilders, operators and labor unions. "It is simply an urban myth that the Jones Act is the problem."

In a news briefing last week, Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said he'd received "no requests for Jones Act waivers" from foreign vessels or countries. "If the vessels are operating outside state waters, which is three miles and beyond, they don't require a waiver," he said.

On Tuesday the State Department announced that new offers of aid would be accepted from 12 foreign countries and international organizations, but spokesman P.J. Crowley noted that booms donated by Mexico, Norway and Brazil had been in use since May 11,and that 24 foreign vessels from nine foreign countries already have been helping with the cleanup.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever wonder why Poppy Bush never visited Alaska after Exxon Valdez? Or give a prime time address to the nation over that spill? Or try to hold Exxon accountable? Why did the media in 1989-1990 give Poppy a pass?

It's probably because serious people knew it was Exxon's problem, not the US President's problem. Why do you BP a pass? Did you see the internal memos where the project manager warned the company was cutting too many corners, and a disaster was imminent? The Blame Obama First crowd is like the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow, except that he actually was searching for a brain.

People today, you included, can't get away from your blame Obama strategy even when retarded people can see BP is the responsible party. Why'd it take BP so long to order foreign cleanup ships? Why did BP wait to take aggressive action?

Why do you hate your own country so much?

The Blame Game

Jason H. Bowden said...

Jim, when union thugs say something is true, then that makes it true.

That, or you get your ass kicked.