Monday, August 30, 2010

Businesses afraid to hire or make any long-range plans

Economists and business owners say they've never seen anything like it: The Bush tax cuts are expiring, health care reform is confusing, deficits are exploding, cap-and-trade is looming - and political leaders are too busy fighting among themselves to offer any reliable vision of the future.
Little wonder, then, that businesses are frozen, afraid to hire or make any other long-term plans.

Lets see who is to blame for the reasons the economy sucks and no one is hiring anyone...
First of all, Dems control anything congress does or does not do is Dems fault..

Bush tax cuts over..Obama's fault
health care costing companies more- Obama
Deficits exploding- Obama
Cap and trade killing manufacturing jobs- Obama

So go on out and thank your local moron for voting in all this "change"


Jim said...

"Bush tax cuts over..Obama's fault"

Nope, Bush's fault. BUSH and the Republicans SET them to end in 2011. Know why? The HAD to in order to pass them by using the dreaded RECONCILIATION process and also to make it look like they wouldn't break the bank in the second decade. Which they will. The biggest part of the projected deficit over the next 10 years is the Bush tax cuts.

"health care costing companies more- Obama"

Nope. Health care costs go up 9% every year. Most analyses show only about a 1% increase due to HCR.

"Deficits exploding- Obama"

Nope. Deficits exploding because of poor economy, the wars in the middle east started by Bush, the Bush TARP and (see above) the Bush tax cuts.

"Cap and trade killing manufacturing jobs- Obama"

Hasn't happened yet. On the other hand, green jobs are beginning to kick in.

The meme that businesses are afraid to invest is bunk. Health care costs always go up. End of Bush tax cuts won't affect 87% of small businesses. Businesses ALWAYS face changing regulations and tax policies.

It's all bull.

TerryN said...

My employers plan just jumped 33% for the next enrollment period. like they warned us in July HR3962 was going to "impact" our company.

The Game said...

Is Jim a real person? Does he laugh his ass off when he writes his completely stupid crap...

Bush passed tax cuts that will now hurt our economy if they are taken away. Obama will take the cuts will cost jobs. Very simple

Health care costs are going up through the roof, based on actual people and business saying so, not the stupid crap you came up with from la la land.

cape and trade has not been passed..and the fact you don't understand all the "green" jobs are all supported by govt handouts shows why you and people like you are a direct threat to the American way of life. People should be able to work hard and companies should be allowed to develop whatever they feel the people want. You want govt to take away all the profits from those who are successful to support losers like "green" stops growth and creates nothing. While the "stimulus" creates 10 or 20 jobs it costs hundred of thousands..maybe millions...God are you an idiot.

only a true idiot can think the huge deficits are caused by Bush...your too dumb to explain this too..

You and people who think like you are morons yet very dangerous to the old American way of life. The Obama way of life is socialism, and luckily about 70% of us don't like it. You will be stopped soon.

TerryN said...

Partisan loyalty suppresses reasoning.

Jim said...

"only a true idiot can think the huge deficits are caused by Bush...your too dumb to explain this too.."

Actually, you're too dumb to read a chart as I have explained this and shown the chart many times.