Thursday, September 23, 2010

Double-digit hikes for some Medicare drug plans

Is there anything Obama says that is true?
Remember when we had to pass the terrible health care bill becuase it would save us money?  That it would LOWER primiums?
GOP, keep talking about the stimulus and the health care plan..maybe we can take back both the House and Senate...


Scorpion said...

AWFUL..what else is there to say...

Jim said...

"Is there anything Obama says that is true?"

Many seniors will see their Medicare drug plan premiums go down according to the article you link to.

Is there anything that you post that is true?

The Game said...

The more people know about true, pure liberalism the more they hate it.

Why are there NO..Dems running on stimulus and health care Jim...

It's over for you.

Anonymous said...

Trying to scare seniors with your bogus claims? Have you no shame? You may think that practicing Christine O'Donnell's witchcraft will win elections, but in six weeks you will learn that this is a losing strategy.

The Blame Game

The Game said...

I am asking an honest question: Who gives you your meds and puts on your clothes in the morning?

I don't mean to make fun of cognitively disabled people, but you are clearly one of them.

Let me try and focus you. Answer these two questions:
1. What is untrue about the headline in this story?
2. Why are Dems running ads AGAINST the stiumulus and health care bills?

November will be the greatest ass kicking in history. It took only 2 years of true liberalism for America to reject it.
Bush GAINED seats for 6 years.
I know you are not embarrassed for yourself and your side so I will be for you.

Anonymous said...

1. These are the same headlines we've seen for 10 years. Before the health care bill what were you blaming the double digit annual rate increases on? Those increases happened under Bush, but I don't remember anyone blaming him for that. The reason Congress passed health care legislation was to create a more equitable system. I know - you're all about instant gratification with O'bama but you were probably yapping through the first six years of the Iraq war about how we needed more time to make it work. Same principle applies here, Sherlock.

2. Stimulus and health care were accomplishments of the last two years. Why make hay over it now? Politicians ought to be telling you what they would do in the next term, not bragging about what's already happened.

Please try to keep up with where we're at so that you have a better idea of where we're going.

The Blame Game

Jim said...

"1. What is untrue about the headline in this story?"

There is untrue and there is misleading. Your headline is misleading and purposefully so.

"2. Why are Dems running ads AGAINST the stiumulus and health care bills?"

Which ones are actually running ads against it? Did they vote against it? Their prerogative then. They must be in really red districts.