Friday, September 10, 2010

Even Obama is forced to act like a semi-conservative before the election

It is being proven AGAIN that liberals must act conservative right before an election if they want to get elected.
Two examples:
1. Russ Feingold. I do not see any ads talking about how he is a hard core liberal, how he voted for the stimulus and health care reform..where are those adds liberals? What I do see are adds saying...hold on...that he is a "penny pincher" and how he is for tax cuts and reduced spending...LMFAO

2. Now even BHO is admitting that tax cuts work. He can not come all the way around to giving them to the people who actually create jobs so it will not work, but it looks like he is going to give them to middle class people and small business owners.


Jim said...

Yep, he is such a dope and 59% of the country agrees with him on tax cuts for the rich. Such dopes!

The Game said...

Since when do you care about polls..especially ones with no links..
Obama passed health care with most people not wanting it...