Saturday, September 18, 2010

MPS suspended more minority middle-schoolers than other districts, report says

This is why things will never get better in the inner city.

Instead of trying to figure out how to get "parents" and the community these kids come from to start acting like civilized human beings, we say they kids are suspended because of racism.
That is the easy out.
And while you are so worried about "lost instructional time" of the kids who told the teacher to fuck off ten times, what about the lost instructional time of all the kids who can't get a decent education because the teacher has to "deal" with these turds.


Scorpion said...

After three and a half decades in MPS and having watched the suspensions and the increases may I say that the suspensions are deserved and many more cases that should involve suspensions are "handled" in other ways...if people don't know what goes on they certainly shouldn't write about imagination in that..