Sunday, October 10, 2010

Florida Senate: Rubio(R) Hits 50% Mark in Three-Way Race

When Republicans listen to liberals bait about how we have to elect "moderates" or we cant win..please explain FL?
Okay, I'll explain...
Moderates are people with no belief system and usually just vote on emotion.  Actually, very little can be done to sway them as a whole..whatever is going on in the world will dictate what they do.
However, when someone actually stands for what they believe and is consistent and conservative, then you pull in all the conservatives and even some of the social or fiscally conservative Dems.
That is what is happening in FL.  Conservatives are all going to vote for Rubio, a lot of moderates and a few liberals...
What moron liberals said would happen is Crist and Rubio would split the conservative vote and the dem would win.
Would a liberal like to tell me why crist and rubio have 75% of the vote now?  Is 75% of FL Republican?


The Game said...

I knew that argument was so so so good not even a liberal could come up with some tin-foil hat wearing crap