Monday, August 08, 2011

Jeff Dunham review

I never thought 7600 people would come and sit and listen to a ventriloquist, let alone in the rain.  But that is what happened at the Wisconsin State Fair Monday night.  Jeff's comedy is a bit corny and definitely racist, but I guess that is okay because Jeff is not saying it, "Achmed" or "Peanut" or "Walter" is.  Best joke of the night came when Walter asked Jeff if he was going to hell.  Jeff say yes, to which Walter replied something like, "Well, we have to go through Kenosha anyway." He also asked the people is Wisconsin why the hell they live here.  If your ass is just a little wet and you go outside in February your ass will be frozen shut.  There were a lot of funny jokes, some that were a bit tired and old, but the show lasted an hour and 40 minutes and it sure didn't seem like it must have been okay.  He started off the show talking about how he got to this point.  He showed very embarrassing pictures of him growing up. Many of them had to do with the fact that he had started his career when he was only in 7th grade and needed "head shots" with the "dummies."  Since his parents would not pay for that, he used the school yearbook picture every year through high school to get new head shots.  He then proceeded to tell jokes about the pictures.  My favorite bit was Peanut making fun of how poorly the people who answer the phone at Chinese food establishments speak English.  "Can I have some chop sticks"  "No fok" Stuff like that...Racist...yes...okay because a puppet said it...I guess...funny...definitely.  


mighty mike said...

Certainly a nice crowd in a steady
rain...his bit on divorce with Walter I found amusing..