Friday, August 05, 2011

State Fair Day 1

2,500 people were busting a move tonight at the Wisconson State Fair Main Stage.  The show opened up with Young MC doing a 30 minute set.  He worked hard, was entertaining, and genuinely wanted the crowd to have a good time.  He was very nice backstage in almost a insecure type of way.  As if he had low self esteem and wanted people to tell him that his show was good.  He wore a Clay Matthews jersey for the show, looking for the cheap pop.
I don't think Tone Loc did a better job, but he got the higher billing.  Think he played about 30 minutes, but I wasn't really paying attention.  
Hammer went into the crowd for more than one song, he had 10 dancers, and worked his butt off.  I am sreiously shocked and disapointed that his crowd wasn't much bigger.  He had his 16 year old son come out and rap, I talked to him backstage and he seems like a geninly nice person.  We talked about his school, where they play next, and he told me he would like to live in Wisconsin because he likes to wear jackets. I quickly convinced him that liking jackets was not worth 12 inches of snow and negative windchills.  
All-in-all a very nice group of people who came to the Fair to put on a great show and went above and beyond to entertain.  They gave out roses in the crowd, one of the dancers even did a backflip off the track wall toward the grandstand.  At the end of the night what was supposed to be 25 people ended up being about 75 people on the stage.  Somehow very uncoordinated white guys like Dan Maren were on the stage donig the same dance moves they did 15 years ago in college. But even with all those people it was completely under control and that was the other thing that was nice.  Whith Hammer going into the crowd and the manager telling people to go on stage, things could have gotten way out of control.  However, the crowd was very well well behaved.  Even the one super drunk guy who did make it onto the ramp where Hammer did two or three songs quickly left when asked.  It is a deep contract over what happened at the end of the night in the rest of the park.  

After the show
We were unaware of anything that was happening with the large group of animals that got lose in the midway and on the street.  We went to the best place to have a drink, Bennos.  Listened to the rest of the Toys and had a few drinks.  It was interesting how large groups of people could gather, even drink alcohol, and not beat the crap out of just white poeple.  After that is was another great time at the SafeHouse and a wonderful meal at Johnny V's....and repeat..


mightymike said...

Glad to be back with you at the Wisconsin State Fair...still the best event of the summer in the area...