Monday, April 03, 2006

The boys of summer have come!!!

Brewers start today.
What will their record be?
Will they make the play-offs?
Will they contend?

It all depends on Sheets...
If Sheets turns into Wood or Prior, the Brewers will win 80 games, and a disappointment.

With Sheets healthy....90 wins 2 short of the playoffs.

Also, the Brewers will be more popular in August and September than the Packers...


Jason H. Bowden said...

Go White Sox!

Anonymous said...

Scorpion says---
Brewers will go 85-77.Should the
pitching do better than expected,
the wins could hit 90.Should Carlos
Lee be traded early for a good pitcher or two and Bill Hall play
outfield in his place it might really be an interesting season.

the rhyno said...

On a related note, it had to be one of the most boring and lame opening day parties in the last 10 years. Less than half the bar turnout, nobody remained to tailgate and almost everything closed down by 30 minutes after gametime.

The Game said...

weather sucked