Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What is bothering me about the election

It was obvious that Dem's were going to do well last night.
But did you notice how many races were won by less than three percent?
When I read stories JUST IN MILWAUKEE about people going to the polls and having someone already vote for them makes me remember that Dem's get 2-3% advantage from voter fraud...
So there are many races that are not legit, and the Senate races in VA and MT are less than 1%.
Why can't we have fair elections?
Why do people have to cheat?
Why do felons have to vote, people vote more than once.
I am positive that with fair elections Dem's would not take the Senate, and the house would have been much closer.
If you care about fair elections and the integrity of elections you should be steaming mad.

oh, add that the Dem's got the Wisconsin state Senate control from voter fraud as well...


PCD said...

I think in two years the voters will see what they brought into office and they will be swept out.

The democrats are offering nothing but corruption and running from Iraq just as fast as they can.

The Game said...

actually, I don't takes more than two years for that to happen...we can still hope to keep President, but Republicans will lose more seats in the house and senate in 2008...unless something big happens to change people's minds before then

Anonymous said...

Scorpion says---
The tone of this State and country towards what they "want" has changed. Now we will see what will be offered to Americans so hard working people will see improvements in their lives. So show me ideas that will lead to improving this country and this State. I'll watch closely.

blamin said...

Game, that something big could be Pelosi.

If she spends two years investigating Bush you may be correct. But if she follows her convictions and attempts to implement too many of the far left’s inane policies, I believe Republicans will regain control.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see Dems doing more voter fraud than Pubs. You seem to forget to high number of incidents from the last Presidential election.

On theme, did you see they made a poll manager take down a sign that said felons couldnt vote? Some cunt saw it and said it was 'intimidating' to voters, and since it wasnt approved by the state board, they had a big hoohah and went in to take it down when the manager refused.

blamin said...

rhyno, you forget that Dems have a long, storied history of perpetuating voter fraud.

Regardless, it does no good to get into a battle of “you cheated more, no you cheated the most, no you…”.

About the “felons” sign, you’d think a sign posting a law would be perfectly legitimate. Damn I hate it when unprincipled screechers throw a tantrum and get things accomplished.

Jim said...

And Republics have a long and storied history of voter suppression which they were again hard at work with in this election.

So stop whining already, you hypocrites. When we complained about 2000 and 2004 you called us conspiracy theorists and told us to put on our tin-foil hats. You told us to "get over it."

So now, get over it!

You can always find an anecdote here and there to support your theory that only Dems abuse the electoral system. That's crap of course, and only the most partisan wouldn't admit it.

I believe the polls showed that the top two issues among voters were corruption and the Iraq war. The Republics were swept from power.

Figure it out!

Marshal Art said...

It's funny that corruption would lead to voting for a party with their own history of corruption. But hey, it's politics and corruption happens. Too bad it was so little this time. I think the notion of corruption was just to put a name on something less tangible.

What bothers me about this election is how it could all have been avoided with a better statesman/orator in the party to counter all the negative distortions from the left. It isn't so much that there was some questionable practices. Hell, the Dems re-elect the unethical in their party. It was more the Dems taking the lead in deciding what was important or worthy of the finger pointing. A good statesman could keep it in perspective and the problem would have only risen to it's natural level, which is isolated incidents or incidents of little ado.

Well we still need such a person to get our message out in such a manner that even libs can understand it and be drawn to it. That's a tough job, but we don't need every lib. Most are too stupid or self-centered to deal with the truth. But to garner a portion would keep the goofy libs from ever being more than a token second party, until such time that they come up with real ideas and solutions.

Also, we need to keep each other honest and hold our own party members' feet to the fire. Anyone can be corrupted by their positions of importance and one needn't be corrupted entirely to cause harm. Let the Dems go on being the dregs of society. I hold that our own should rise above the personal agenda and stick to the plan.

Jim said...

The "dregs of society" apparently constitute 55% of the voters.

Marshal Art said...

Nice distortion, Jim. Though certainly there are among the electorate those who I would consider dregs, I was obviously referring to the Dem party, or more precisely, to their leadership. But hey, next time I'll paint you a freakin' picture.

Dedanna said...

marshall said...

It's funny that corruption would lead to voting for a party with their own history of corruption.

Well, maybe because it was the only other party to vote for. In the realm of things, there isn't much choice but to vote for one of only two parties -- if I had had my way, I would've voted for a misture of several parties, depending on the issue, but in the land of choice & land of the free, we have only two to choose from in the elections. Some land of choice.

So, in essence, we all pull the trigger & kill ourselves when we vote. It's one party or the other, we slide the handle for straight Dem or Repub ticket, and there's our vote. Within each party there are assholes we've voted for, but we had no other real choice.

Now, if the system were to change... ??? We could honestly vote for who we want to.

Marshal Art said...

We always have the choice. The trouble is, are there enough making the choice for it to matter? In the primaries, we have the choice to replace those who've been exposed as assholes with new blood. Before the primaries, we have the choice to be involved and make our feelings known to the party. We also have the choice to stay educated and knowledgable about the issues and the politicians and to pass that knowledge on to others so they can choose more wisely as well. Plenty of choice right now.