Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beckham Draws 66,000 for First MLS Start

Can Beckham save MLS?
Can soccer become a mainstream sport in the US?
Why is it the most popular sport in the world but not here?


Scorpion said...

Soccer isn't easy to watch.The game
is really hard to look for something to enjoy.If they want to bring a team to the state fair park
it proves that it's a losing proposition.I guess it is good for young children to get out there and run around.

Jim said...

I loved watching my kids play soccer on Saturday mornings in the fall. Nothing better.

I've watched a professional soccer match live and I've watched often on TV. The skills of the players are amazing. But watching 90 minutes of 0-0 or 1-0 or 1-1 is just boring as hell. Can't help it.

If they could figure out a way to make for more scoring, I think it would become more popular as a major sport in the US.

The Game said...

They have arena soccer...lots of scoring...still no fans

Jim said...

Arena doesn't cut it. Do you like arena football? I don't.

The Asian Badger said...

Americans don't like any sport where nobody tries to fall on a loose ball.

Realism said...

"Why is it the most popular sport in the world but not here? "

Because it's frickken boring. I mean, why would I want to sit and watch a game for two hours where they might score once? I say, make the field smaller, make the goal bigger, and get some of the players off the field. Then you might have something worth watching.

BobG said...

"Why is it the most popular sport in the world but not here?"

A bunch of guys run back and forth kicking a dead pig...big deal...

Parklife said...

"Soccer isn't easy to watch."
Thats quite a generalization... Seems to work out fine for most people around the world. The problem might be that you have trouble with concentration. See.. you actually have to pay attention to something.

"arena soccer"
No fans.. but immensely popular for soccer players..

"Americans don't like.."
Umm... Really?

"Because it's frickken boring."

"A bunch of guys run back and forth kicking a dead pig...big deal..."
Completely unlike that other "football".

Again.. your questions are misleading and disingenuous...
"Can Beckham save MLS?"
It has turned a profit.. expanded.. and now brings a superstar to LA. MLS has been around for 10+ years and built stadiums and you think they're going to disappear over night. What a maroon.

"Can soccer become a mainstream sport in the US?"
It is mainstream.. and has been mainstream for sometime. You even seem to care about Beckham on some level. From 5 year olds playing on Saturday mornings to High School players to College.. An example of something out of the mainstream would be suggesting that global warming is not caused by human activity.

"Why is it the most popular sport in the world but not here?"
66,000 fans... make it first class and you will have the fans in the seats. Guys from Rupert Murdoch to Malcolm Glazer dont seem to mind spending their cash in Britain for a very good reason. European clubs have been coming to the US for years.. they want this market as bad as the MLS does. Both see a future.

The Game said...

Has can one human being be soooooooooooooooooo wrong all the time?
Soccer is not at all mainstream in the United States. Okay, I'll say PRO soccer is not. Yes, little kids love to play it, and that ends around 6th grade....because they start playing football.
It is growing in popularity in grade school and even HS, but that is it. MLS is a small time joke. Over 50,000 came to watch a washed up soccer play in the 70's as well....and that league folded.
Come on, this is not even hard.

Parklife said...

Honestly.. do you want the truth?
... you’re an idiot. Hit up ESPN (have you heard of them?), Fox sport.. ect. they all "cover" soccer in some way, shape or form. I mean, this isnt even hard.

Your definition of "mainstream" seems to only make room for American football. The world is bigger than your little hole in the ground. You should poke your head out sometime.

Over 70,000 came to watch Pele and the Cosmos. But, I’m sure that means that people don’t like the sport.

HS teams and college teams are all over the country. Last time I checked they all were not 6 years old.

NFL, MLB and the NBA were not built in 10 years. The MLS has been a huge success so far. Sorry, you're just going to have to deal with this. How painful that must be.

hashfanatic said...

Neocons need to denigrate anything that has its origins in Europe.

It's their way to "get back" at Europe for supposed past injustices.

It's a way to express their hate of all things European, yet justify clinging to their own Negro-ized, Hispanicized sports traditions, and the scandals and bad sportsmanship within.

Scorpion said...

I will agree this is the one sport you can be hit in the head with the ball and be cheered.Maybe this would explain the popularity you speak of...all these fan-atics have been hit in the head with a soccer ball too many times.

Realism said...

Spectator sport = distraction for the rubes

Modern politics = Spectator sport