Saturday, August 18, 2007

Collection of media bias

Now, if the media is not biased, then they are bad at their jobs.

I feel that since they have a preconceived notion, a template in their head about how things are and how they should be, that stories, pictures and events that would normally be looked into are now just thrown onto the front page immediately. There is no checking out the story, the facts.

Here is a nice list of a few stories from the past year and a half about Iraq, all made up and found to be lies....and the media ran with them.
magic bullet lady

Islamic rage boy

Pieta man and the misleading US News and World Report
That is a picture of a garbage dump passed off to look like the violence of war

Green Helmet guy
and last but not least
Made up smoke

These stories are all crap, and the media ran with them, because they want ANYTHING that can make this war seem bad to be in your face. It takes a bias to mess up this many times....over and over and over again.

And once again...why do liberals have to lie and make things up to get their point out and to trick people onto their side.
How many examples do you need?


Rage Boy said...

When I want only the hard facts, I come to "Right from the Right." Most favorite blog in Pakistan!

The Game said...

Is that another liberal moron who does not have the ability to debate the issue. Every time one of you tries to get off topic, it proves how correct I really am.

hashfanatic said...

The line between news and opinion have become blurred. Many people get their news from talk shows and blogs, rather than reliable news sources.

More than anything, this is where the "media", as you put it, has to get back to what it was, rather than what it has become.

Facts can always be manipulated, and you have to be able to know and trust (as much as possible) that you are reading what actually is happening, even if is boring and unentertaining, or if it's just someone's version of what they want the facts to be.

The Game said...

Nothing else?
I knew this one was good.

PCD said...

Hey, Hash, anything you disagree with has to be a lie, eh? You don't know how demented you look. You get abused here and over at Radio Equalizer for your whacko views and your hate speech.

PCD said...


Try debunking this complation of Liberal bias:

PCD said...

As usual, the left runs as the light of sunshine hits them, vampires!

hashfanatic said...

No, fudgie. Your link didn't work.

Much like anything you bring to any's doesn't work.