Thursday, September 20, 2007

Father withdraws complaint against coach

New Berlin police announced moments ago that the father of a Pewaukee High School football player withdrew his complaint to police about the coach of the New Berlin Eisenhower team pushing his son to the ground during a game Friday.Police Lt. Mike Glider said that the father withdrew the complaint about 5:30 this afternoon. "The New Berlin Police Department is no longer investigating this incident and the matter is considered closed," Glider says in a news release.The Eisenhower coach, Clint Grochowski, was suspended for two games, issued a letter of reprimand and ordered to apologize to the Pewaukee High School football coach, New Berlin school Superintendent Paul Kreutzer said Tuesday.Click here for a story and video links.

Here it is again. I rich kid from the burbs acts like a punk, head-butts a coach with a football helmet, and the coach gets suspended while the kid has the parents sue. Maybe the parent saw the video tape and for the first time in his life saw that his son is not God Almighty.

This is the problem with rich school districts. Teachers and coaches are not backed up by spineless administrators, parents know they can get a lawyer every time Jimmy doesn't do crap in class yet still wants an A. If I were the coach I would be getting some paperwork filled in court.


Ron said...

For once we agree!

The Game said...

Ron, I would say we agree more than "for once" depends what topics I decide to talk about

Scorpion said...

This is right to the point.A security guard aquaintance of mine was close enough to the incident to say that the player also spit on the coach along with the head butt.

hashfanatic said...

"The New Berlin Police Department is no longer investigating this incident and the matter is considered closed..."

Good! Because it sounds like EVERYONE concerned had far better things to occupy themselves...

Now, what will be interesting is, considering these dropped cases are almost NEVER readmitted, whether or not the administrators will boot him off the team or not, for head-butting (and spitting, as scorpion reports) the coach in the first place!

It IS a situation where disciplinary action is called for..

If this is such a well-heeled area, what is the chance the suit was bandied about for attention and not for money?

Ron said...

True game.