Thursday, February 12, 2009

Selig might make Aaron the home-run king

See, this might seem clear cut but I'm not so sure.
I hate Barry Bonds. He is a cheat and a liar.
When you look at him you know he cheated and lied and he does not deserve any record
He cheated Hank Aaron (who hit a vast majority of his HR's in Milwaukee) and all of us.
But then I look at A-Rod and the fact that he has slowly gotten bigger and better, along with the fact he is not an ass to everyone and has admitted to what he did for 3 years makes me more sympathetic to him.
So if/when he breaks Aarons or Bonds record I would not be so quick to say he should be disqualified.
The other problem is that it is hard to know everyone who cheated. So he was cheating, maybe the pitcher was cheating, they guy playing third was cheating. So maybe Bonds was just bringing himself up to the level of all the other cheaters.
So even though I think he does not deserve the record, I'm not so positive we can take away his record.
What do you think?


Scorpion said...

You can't take it would be exactly like putting an asterick
next to ROGER MARIS'S 61 not being the record because he played more games than BABE RUTH...what do you do than with the single season record being held by the 'roid group of need to leave it alone.

Ron said...

I don't hate anybody or anyone in baseball. I don't care enough about it to be that emotionally involved. I do think that people that used substances when they were instructed that it was illegal should not be given records though.If they weren't instructed that it was illegal or a rule of baseball then you have to expect they are going to do whatever.