Friday, March 27, 2009

Fuller backs new choice regulation

I agree 100%

Just because you open up a private school doesn't make it good.
Many of these fly by night schools have few or no certified teachers and no regulation.
We get lots of these kids after their school shuts down and they tell us how they have done nothing but watch movies and sit around.


blamin said...

Just because you open up a public school doesn't make it good. Game, there’s nothing wrong with choice. As a parent, I should have the right…let me rephrase, I demand the right to choose.

I’m aware of the pro’s and con’s of both public and private schools. While there seems to be a close contest on the pro side of the ledger, it appears the public schools have an overwhelming advantage in the con column.

The Game said...

I think you have a right to chose the PUBLIC school you want, and you have the right to open up your wallet and pay for private school...however, no one should be given money to go to private school unless it is in the form of scholarships.
I went to private school from first grade to this very day...parents or I paid for all of it (after my loans are paid off)

blamin said...


I truly appreciate all you do; I have family and friends in your profession. Their stories and antidotes color my beliefs.

I know for a fact, that public education is overly influenced by John Dewey, and his collectiveness vision. Don’t get me wrong, the man was intelligent, and had some great ideas. BUT, he had a demonstratebly warped vision. I resent the influence he, and his flunkies have on public education.

You made a statement: ” no one should be given money to go to private school unless it is in the form of scholarships.”

I can’t disagree with you more!

Nobody’s “giving” any taxpayer, anything! If I pay tax, then by God, I should have a choice when it comes to my children

I, as a parent reserve the right to teach my child manners, ethics, conscience, community service, citizenship, stewardship, etc. It’s the schools job to teach the three R’s. Not the transference of American history into international social studies. Or, the science of absolutes into subjective interpolations…and that’s the fundamental argument. I, citizen, taxpayer, reserve the right to train, and teach my child in the best, most constructive why I deem possible.

Just because some parents fail in their responsibilities, doesn’t mean I should lose choice.

To argue otherwise is the complete thuggish mentality.

The Game said...

I understand what you are saying, but the sad truth is we really have little power when and where our taxes are used, and education is one example. With that thought process anyone who has no kids should be able to take educational expenses off their property taxes.
I just believe it is a conservative principle to take care of yourself.
Since public school is run and ruined by liberals, you as a conservative need to send your kids to private school.
Is it fair the more taxes you pay the less you get back from them? Nope, but right now that is the way it is and with liberals in power the transfer of wealth is only going to get worse.
So more and more responsible people will continue to flee urban centers ruined by liberal policies and take care of themselves.