Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama taxing health insurrance

So, during the election Obama really drilled McCain for wanting to tax health benefits and giving a tax credit to offset the costs. The media jumped right in.
Well, Obama has now said he wants to tax health care benefits, but there is something different...he doesn't want to give the tax credit.

I'll just stop there and allow liberals to be intellectually honest and get really really mad about this just like they were when they gave this as one of the reasons they didn't want to vote for him.

It kind of plays into my theory that liberals really don't care about anything, just being elected and having power.
Do Republicans change their minds on things...sure...however the media gets all over them and so to conservatives.
Remember..."Read my lips"


WisdomFromTorah said...
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WisdomFromTorah said...

If Mr. President gets his way and they tax health care; That would mean I might not be able to take my health care. It would cost me to much. What a strange man our president is. "I want to help people" ON HE DOESN'T. He's a globalist first and foremost and he's proving it.

Socialism will be his undoing, but not before its our undoing.

Ron said...

Oooh scary socialist! When does he become a fascist..oh ya he's already that to. You guys and your semantic rendering never fails to amuse me.

Game, Your headline is wildly disingenuous(surprise surprise). I see why you didn't link a story. The only detailed one I could find (NY Times)said he wouldn't propose it but wouldn't reject it if offered. You would think you would call that bipartisanship but since you guys have nothing of the sort in mind and never have...

That said I would be opposed and disappointed in him if he did this. I am also disappointed with a number of his staffing selections, his lack of ambition on getting our troops out of Iraq and the escalation of Afghanistan. There's probably more.

The difference between the right and the left is we don't blindly support people like the right has proven they do(though they rewrite history to deny this all the time). I know that is a hard concept for you to grasp but it is true. Look around on some of the left blogs(I have a few on my blog if you need to find some), you will see it is not always blind support all around. Check the archives. Kinda makes your messiah crap...well, crap.

You guys are the ones that dogmatically deify your leaders. Sorry to disappoint you but I don't always agree with Democrats, or Obama. To imagine McCain and silly Sarah in charge though gives me the willys.

The Game said...

glad to see you being honest Ron...

blamin said...

”When does he become a fascist”?

Openly?, when he feels it’s politically expedient to do so.

Ron, the feelers have been put out. His “peoples” have already started commenting on the “interrelationships” between private and gov’t healthcare, and the need for “controls” to be put in place so that gov’t plans aren’t put a “disadvantage”.

Nooo, past idolration of Marxist, socialist, and anarchist by our current President and crew, should give us no pause whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Care to provide a quote?