Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama will now cover your car warranty

We need a new word for this, socialism isn't even it now.

My friend was working a few nights ago and he was telling me how all these people that voted for Obama are wondering what the hell they did. Obama can tell CEO's to quit, he gives them billions then tells them maybe they should file for bankruptcy...and he is adding troops in the middle east.

The last one is a good thing, but all you bleeding hearts voted for him because he was going to get the troops home.

He has all of Europe telling him to knock it off...think about that for a minute. The very socialists we are trying to be like have started to learn there lesson, yet we are sprinting full steam ahead WAY past anything the average liberal or socialist could have ever dreamed.


still Unreal... said...

"Obama will now cover your car warranty"

only partially right.
he did it, but its the man in your mirror -- and mine -- that will be covering Bob's faulty transmission.