Monday, April 27, 2009

The fundamental flaw of a certain type of philosophy

I am getting yet another master's degree and I read something last night that was a perfect explanation of why liberalism does not work...

The causes of many pressing public issues, from urban decay to global ecological threat, lay in the very well-intentioned policies designed to alleviate them. These problems were actually "systems" that lured policymakers into interventions that focused on obvious symptoms, not underlying causes, which produced short-term benefit but long-term malaise, and fostered the need for still more symptomatic interventions.


Perfect. That is liberalism! They mean well, they try and fix things, their solutions SOUND good, and they cause many more problems than they solve.
Dems pushed banks to give loans to people who did not deserve them, now we have everyone suffering.
Obama gives money to companies who should be allowed to go under, now we have more and more debt that will take who knows how long to fix.
We put people on welfare, food stamps and public assistance, it simply keeps them content with their very poor lives, they never gain any skills needed to actually get out of their situation.
We tax the crap out of companies and rich people to give to the poor, when the companies and rich people have less money, they cut the poor people's jobs. Now we need more taxes so the poor can get more money.
Obama is going to make credit card companies lower rates, causing the credit card companies to reject all the people who Obama says he cares about and is trying to help.


blamin said...

You do well to bring up the failures of liberal policies. The medical profession tends to do the same thing, i.e. treat symptoms, versus actual causes.

But I digress. In my opinion the very worst of liberal philosophy is their utter and total disregard for the actual consequences of their actions.

But, I’ve seen a pattern. Today’s Libs (just as past Libs) are convinced they are smarter than all that’s come before them. Just give them a chance, don’t ya know, and they’ll create new and improved ways to screw this country, by God.

I’m sorry, but anyone that would believe that this monkey-bunch that’s in charge of our country, will do anything that will actually improve any aspect of our society, are truly and actually deluded, spoon-fed, simpletons!

Jim said...

Back at ya blamin'.

blamin said...


Open wide and swallow fast!

blamin said...


Perhaps you should re-read the title of this post, The “Fundamental Flaw”.

OR, maybe a more apt description would be “Slavering Sycophants, gleefully Swallowing Sweet Sounding Syllables”.

If you’re one of “those” that believe the founding principals of this country and a free market society is a bad thing, then the support of this administration makes you an enemy of this country. If that is not your belief, then support of this administration borders on intentional ignorance, which cannot be excused.

Strong words, I know. It just so happens that I want my children and grandchildren to enjoy this free society that we’ve created, sometimes against overwhelming odds. The job of our president is to preserve those freedoms. Anything done that does not put our interest first makes him unfit to lead our country. That is his job, first and foremost! If he cannot or will not perform those duties, then he is unfit.

It’s not a zero sum game. Our interest is freedoms interest. No matter the pap you’ve been led to believe. Wake the hell up!!!

Anonymous said...

Read about this on an airline rag.

The author is starting a lobby effort to get HHS to include disposable diapers added to the list of items you can buy with food stamps. Her theory? Since poor people can't afford diapers poor babies spend more time in dirty diapers. Ant that makes them cry more and that leads to higher rates of child abuse.

What a load of dirty diapers.