Saturday, April 25, 2009

Global warming? Really? There are people who still believe we control the weather?

I'll link everything that I have cited before..
But answer this simple question?
What is the correct temperature of the Earth?
Was it the correct temp in the 60's, the 80's, 90's?
It has gone up and down since the 1900's, which is as far back as we can go to get reliable data.
Since you can not answer that question, your done anyway.
But we will give you even more facts:


Jim said...

There are people who still believe we control the weather?
No. Nobody believes we control the weather. Who told you that?

The Game said...

wow, I really won this didn't answer the specific question I asked nor could you dabate the long list of links I left...
Thank you

Jim said...

Dude! You won nothing. It starts with your headline. I flatly refuted it. Why bother going on from there?

Except, you guys keep saying that global warming is some sort of religion to those who understand there is great consensus about it's causes and effects. Yet it is you who are obsessed with denying it. Of dredging up anybody with a degree who disagrees with the consensus and asserting, "See, it's simply not true."

Do you honestly believe that all this "stuff" you've linked here has not been reviewed by peers, by the scientific community, and simply ignored? I don't. I believe that scientists around the world have reviewed data and observations which may or may not support both "sides" of the question and come to an informed conclusion.

What's the bottom line here? Is it that humans, the most precious of God's creations, think they might have an effect on God's earth, it's climate and sea levels?

And this is some kind of heresy to you? Is that what this is about?

I'm just sayin'.

TerryN said...

Good editorial from a meteorologist.

Peer reviewed studies are great but I'm pretty sure nobody is doing one to try and prove increasing levels of CO2 will have no impact on our planet. So it may be difficult to Google that.

I do remember a peer reviewed study by the leaders of science at that time recommending Galileo be put under house arrest. Kind of like what Al Gore and company are trying to do today.

The Game said...

I would really like Jim to answer my specific question.
When was the temp of the earth the perfect temp?
It went down in the 60's, up in the 90's, down in the 2000's...So when was it the right temp?
How do you know it wont be the right temp if it goes up 2 degrees?
And I agree 100% with Terry...the more we do actual research on this stuff the more scientists refute the sea level thing specifically and maybe the entire thing all together.
Many more believe the Earth changes a bit all by itself, we have virtually nothing to do with it.

Jim said...

I'll answer. These are nonsense questions. Nobody is suggesting there is a perfect temperature. Same as your nonsense title. Nobody believes we can control the weather.

But what most scientists agree is that the the global climate is getting warmer over time AND that at least part of the cause is anthroprogenic. There is no search for a perfect temperature. There is only concern for the consequences of climate change-consequences that have VERY significant effect on the security of the US and the stability of the world. Famine, depletion of food sources, huge population migrations, and more.

God makes lightening strikes that cause forest fires and brush fires. If they are coming toward your house, do you simply say so be it. It's God's will? Do you prepare for possible future fires?

"Many more believe the Earth changes a bit all by itself, we have virtually nothing to do with it."

Many more? More than what? I believe the majority of scientists and informed people believe that human activity at the very LEAST accelerates the warming process.

Jim said...

Terry, your KUSI weatherman is off the mark:

"there is a direct connection between Global Warming and four dollar a gallon gas."

Nothing has changed on the Global Warming front while gas dipped below $2 and is now just a bit over. Where's the "direct connection"?

Kind of puts a dent in his credibility.

Water is natural. It's a natural part of the body. We drink it every day. The body is about 60% water by weight. But if you drink too much water, it'll kill you.

TerryN said...

I knew you'd skip over the facts.

TerryN said...

Oh, and gas will be $4.00 a gallon very soon.

Jim said...

Which again shoots down your theory that there is a direct connection between global warming and $4.00 a gallon gas.

HumbleHumanity said...


Isn't gas natural? Isn't CO2 natural?

The only thing unnatural is global nonclimate change.

Jim said...

Isn't cancer natural?

HumbleHumanity said...

Define cancer? A huge, overgrown ego, with a god complex living in the White House?

So where is your analogy? Gas is essentially a plant derivative (throw in a few dead dino's). CO2 is, well, a plant's best friend. They are natural, they are not unnatural (redundant, i know). Cancer is unnatural in its environment. Where is your analogy? I assume you are trying to make a point, or are you diverting attention. Kind of like blaming Bush for every evil in the world today to divert attention from Obamanation.

So, where is your analogy?

American said... do you know that our activities are not impacting climate? I'm just asking.

Would you have believed it if Rush Limbaugh believed in Global warming and Al Gore opposed it? I'm just asking....that's all.

HumbleHumanity said...

What are they using to claim man has impacted the climate? What fact?

Just asking, that is all?

American said...

And....would you have believed it if Rush Limbaugh believed in Global Warming? Just asking...that's all.

HumbleHumanity said...

His arguement is compelling to someone with a science background. I know in your circle it is an insult to believe ANYTHING that Rush believes. So, in the attempt to move this past the your favorite four letter word, RUSH, no. I would not.

Now, What are they using to claim man has impacted the climate? What fact?

The Game said...

That is such a stupid and cop out thought process. First of all, why is it wrong to agree with someone?
I have a biology and science background, as well as a research background. My own brain can see how flawed the research is regarding global warming. Yes, I agree with Rush about 85% of the time, so what?
There are even times he convinces me that he is right when I was not sure on an issue, so what?
The fact that liberals have to try and make conservatives seem like sheep shows a lack in facts regarding debate.
If anything it is liberals following algores stupid move that has been shown to be crap on so many different levels it should be on comedy central. No thinking, no fact, just believe the religion of global warming.
I use my own brain.
And you know what else?
I have a job. If I hear Rush for 1 hour a week that is a lot. I don't go to his web site. You should say I following Hannity, he is on after work...