Saturday, April 18, 2009

Minnesota's Missing Votes

So Dems find ballots in cars, duplicate ballots, but watch as the media gets all over Coleman if he tries to fight back.
Another lesson learned that Repubs should cheat like Dems to win elections...
I guess they don't because there is not a wide-spread acceptance at winning at all costs on the right.
Didn't say it doesn't happen with a few people from time to time, but the systematic cheating throughout the entire United States takes lots of people from one side working toward a common goal of stealing in point...ACORN.


Jim said...

You might want to take a look at this from the right-wing partisan blog Powerline:

"The Journal doesn't show much familiarity with the facts related to the implications of wrongdoing in their two editorials on the Minnesota recount. In particular, today's editorial shows no evidence of familiarity with (i.e., of its author having read) the three-judge election contest panel decision in favor of Franken. The decision bears reading by anyone seriously interested in the facts of the case. I am sorry to say that reading the decision persuades me that the Journal's encouragement of Senator Coleman's pursuit of an appeal is misguided because he has no chance of winning such an appeal."

TerryN said...

OR this from the WSJ.
"Democrats want to portray Mr. Coleman as a sore loser and make the Republican worry that he will ruin his chances for other political office. But Mr. Coleman has a legitimate grievance that not all votes have been treated equally."

Jim said...

Yes, another from the Wall Street Journal. But the Wall Street Journal has apparently NOT read the court's opinion on the MN senate race. They have unanimously ruled that Coleman DOES NOT have a legitimate grievance. They heard every argument he had to make. He came, they heard, they said "nope." Unanimously.

Of course Coleman is a sore loser. If Gore was ever a sore loser, Coleman certainly qualifies in spades.

Anonymous said...

If Republicans wanted to spend as much time in Florida in 2000 counting possible lost ballots, wonder where we'd be today? Coleman obviously is done as a politician, so his only hope is dragging this out and hoping his hail mary pass gets tipped and caught in the endzone. There are sore losers, then there's this guy.