Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Quiz

I'll post the questions, then skip a few lines and give the answers...don't cheat!
Post your honest score.

1. What was the original name given to Memorial Day?
2. Memorial Day has always been celebrated the last Monday in May?
3. Birth place of Memorial Day?
4. Memorial Day has always been about remembering the fallen of all wars.
5. Original purpose of playing "taps."
6. What did Congress pass a bill saying Americans should do at 3pm every memorial day?
7. Should the American flag be flown at half staff all day during Memorial Day?

1. Decoration Day 2. False (became three day weekend in 1971, before that it was always on May 30th. 3. Waterloo, NY 4. False (originally for the civil war dead) 5. Signal the end of the military day. 6. One moment of silence 7. No, from sunrise until noon, then full staff til sunset.