Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama to propose strict new regulation of financial industry

The plan would give the government new powers to seize key companies whose failure jeopardizes the financial system, as well as creation of a watchdog agency to look out for consumers' interests.

Call it socialism, the book 1984...liberals get mad because they know it is true.

This is more true than anyone could have imagined.

The government takes control of companies whenever it feels like it

They tell you what you can eat and drink

What kind of car you can drive

When you can and cant go to the doctor, and how they are allowed to treat you

This is really terrible stuff. My God.


Scorpion said...

And...it seems more absurd ridiculous suggestions are being made on a daily basis..no imagination in that...

HumbleHumanity said...

Come on Bush haters.
Let me try this is more fun than actually living in the now.

Bush has been married longer so he proposed first.

Ron said...

No I don't get mad. At this point I laugh at your totally unthought provoking stupidity that nobody but the choir is buying, really, I'm not kidding. Do you ever put any thought into anything you say anymore...any of you???!!! You have gone from people I saw as at least moderately intelligent to blathering angry fearful idiots in lighting speed. Do you have anything worthy of consideration to offer or are you just full of fear and loathing?

No, you aren't worthy of debate. It is impossible to debate anger. How long(and I exempt hh from this because I know he has)has it been since you even bothered to see what anyone outside your bubble is saying? Your comments show a complete lack of understanding of what even the argument on the other side is.

It's all turned into word salad.

Ron said...

Question..who runs the government...how about when republicans are in power and we get and got most of the same stuff on the big issues? War,finance etc.

Who is this "government" you are continually railing against? Is it just the carrots in your word salad? It certainly isn't the people and hasn't been for some time. We may be able to agree on that. You need to figure this out and then maybe we can make some headway.

HumbleHumanity said...

Obama wants us to believe that the people voted for him. So, maybe the "people" do have some say.

Jim said...

"Obama wants us to believe that the people voted for him." ?? I believe 50 some-odd million of us did.

blamin said...


Lots of words without saying much! You never really picked a point game made that you had a problem with. Just kind of railed against….what I’m not sure, anybody that disagrees with the Clairton call, the pied piper…

The discussion is now focused on Obama and the Dem congress. Any butbutbut look what he did arguments are not only ridiculous but counter productive. It’s time to go forward.

You can admit (I hope) that some have legitimate concerns with the wholesale abandonment of beliefs that many feel made this country great.

I would hope you’d take the time out of your precious schedule to explain why many, hell any, concerns put forth here aren’t worth discussing.

Don’t be a tool.

We’re seeing government involvement in sectors of society that should make any alert citizen’s skin crawl. Should we turn a blind eye because of who’s in power?

The Game said...

well done blamin..
These are legit concerns and people like Ron cant defend them at all, unless they want to admit they love the govt taking over everything...have to think harder if this is more communism or socialism...but it is clear it is not American...but Ron has no idea how to refute that so he just gets emotional.

Ron said...

We voted and it made no or little difference. Exactly my point.

Blamin. I made a huge point. In an attempt to focus the problems Game spoke about I summed up all of my questions and concerns in a question for you. It should have been obvious what I was saying but again, as always, you guys overlooked and ignored it.

You wonder why I find you not worthy of debate? I have no need to defend anything to you Game. The fact I have already done it ad naseum without result or understanding makes it a useless effort. You ignore my entire point! You only want to "discuss" things in ways that fit your frame. You act like you never even saw what I said. You put blinders on. You never venture outside the box. As I said, that is obvious just by reading. You don't even understand what others are saying or thinking beyond your puppet masters on radio and fox news who fill your head everyday.

There is no one here trying to solve any problem or find any consensus. Just to blow off steam and stoke ego. Might I suggest the gym because at least there you might accomplish something.

I am quite worried about the state of our country and the state of he world at large. It's not Bush and Obama. Much of the big issues are similar now as to what they were under Bush. So who controls the politicians??? Or do you think they are the highest in order of power and influence?

I just wish you guys were more worried about finding solutions rather than ideology and dogma.

The Game said...

There is nothing we can do right now Ron...conservatives have no power...all we can do is try to open up enough people's eyes to the transformation of this country into something that a vast majority of hard-working responsible American's do not like...