Friday, July 24, 2009

Failed liberalism hurts charities today

Cash For Clunkers Could Hurt Charities

Just going to keep citing actual real life stories of failed liberal policy hurting the same people who vote for them.
We already have seen that the arts and other organizations that rely on the rich to keep them going are in serious trouble thanks to this upper class recession, but another Obama policy is going to hurt the little people, the common man.

And keep voting for Dems!!!


Jim said...

And not paying cash for clunkers COULD turn the US into a dustbowl within 5 years.

Every argument you seem to come up with against an Obama initiative is based on "could", "might", and "critics claim."

He won. If he f**ks up the country, we are all free to vote him out in 2012. We made it through 8 years of Bushit. You can do the same.

The Game said...

what the hell do you can global warming!!!! my god Jim...
ur going to tax the crap out of everyone to stop something that might happen in 1000 years.

And even if you don't like what Bush did, he did nothing at all that completely changed our way of life...actually he might have saved it.
What would Jim say..
1. unjust war...that kept us safe and even if it was not just it didn't change our entire way of life
2. patriot act..unless u are doing something wrong doesn't affect u at all
3. tax cuts...gave us a great economy for about 6 years.

What Obama is doing is turning us into a completely different country

Jim said...

1,000 years? You don't read much, do you?

Unjust war? I've never thought of the Iraq war as unjust, really? Wrong? Yes. Unwise? Very. Costly? Um, yeah! Effective? Not in the least.

Kept us safe? There is absolutely no way of demonstrating that the Iraq war kept us safe at all. It didn't change our entire way of life? Ask that of the 30,000 US casualties and their families.

So would it be OK for the police to peek through your curtains into your bedroom at night? If you're not having sex with a child, you shouldn't have a problem with that, right?

Tax cuts gave us great economy for 6 years? I guess you subscribe to Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc. No way you can prove anything but coincidence.

The Game said...

my point was bush did nothing to completely change our entire way of life and you didn't refute that point..

Jim said...

And neither has Obama, that is my point, and you didn't refute that either.