Monday, July 27, 2009

'Impeach Obama' bumper stickers spark a shopping mall protest

hummm....I dont remember all the protests for the "impeach Bush" stickers...
But but but..I thought liberals are all for free speech..
Why do these stereotypes liberals give themselves never turn out true?


HumbleHumanity said...

Absolutely, here is a perfect chance for capitolists to prove that they believe in capitolism. Boycot. We will see if they have strong convictions or if they are addicted to the mall?

Ron said...

First, a mall is a private enterprise. The business owner has the right to have or eject anyone from his property.

Second your memory is short or your knowledge of past events is lacking. Several times people who wore shirts etc protesting the war and bush etc were ejected from malls etc. Use the google game. You should have developed that skill by now. Again you post is at best misleading and would be a lie if you were full informed to wit i can vouch for the excuse that you are not.

PCD said... to locate Simon owned malls such as Bay Park in Green Bay to boycott.

Gee, when you feed the libs their own medicine, boy how they do scream bloody murder. Maybe they will recognize their actions are wrong, but being Liberals they won't.