Thursday, July 16, 2009


This is what you vote for when you vote for a Democrat...
And we had people like Jim and Jay say they would not raise taxes...
it would be funny if it wasn't so sad


Jim said...

I don't recall Jay saying "they" would not raise taxes and I sure as hell know I didn't say that. To say so would be untrue.

Scorpion said...

I hope both of you actually realize
the stupidity of what is going imagination at all in that...

Anonymous said...

How come only low earners like you worry about taxes on the rich. When was the last time a pro athlete or Teevee celebrity complained about actually paying the taxes on their huge incomes? Shut the f up. If they don't give a shat why should you? Or do you think millionaires care about your lot in life?

blamin said...

Anon’s response is so typical of the left. Can’t understand someone having a problem with policy that’s so obviously wrong, as long as we’re not the target.

“They’re getting theirs, why should you care?”

That class envy crap is just so damn effective.

The Game said...

Why are liberals so mad about people being successful?
I care about what happens to them because I believe in what America is...not what liberals like anon want it to become...move to Russia around 1984 if you want that

Jim said...

You're very wrong about "liberals [being] so mad about people being successful". Absurdly wrong. We're happy for them to be successful. Many liberals are successful. Many successful people are liberals.

So you make no sense. (What's new?) Few liberals that I know who are successful, including myself, have a problem with paying a little bit more FOR THE SAKE OF OUR COUNTRY and to promote the general welfare.

The Game said...

here is where you prove my point about liberals.
You really don't mean to make things worse, you really believe that your liberal social policies help people, I know you think your doing good.
The problem is that you don't

There are so many examples.
I'll tell a story that happened 100's of times during my teaching career.

We talk about teen parenting. I try and relay the message that having a child when you are a child is very hard work and not all fun and games. As we go through the consequences and responsibilities we talk about the cost of diapers and formula (those are free from WIC or other welfare sources) is expensive (nope, my friend gets free rent or only pays 100 a month with govt assistance.
Get my point Jim? You want to tax the crap out of the rich to pay for all this "assistance" that just keeps people where they are..they get complacent and happy being just one step above the gutter.
In short, those liberal social policies hurt the people they are supposed to help.
And while you are hurting the poor in that way, you are hurting them again in so many other ways:
Cap and tax will make energy cost more
You tax the crap out of things like cigarettes, affects the poor more as a percentage of their income
You take from businesses so they have to fire or atleast can not hire more workers...
You support unions but that is why so many factory jobs left the inner cities for cheaper labor in the south and in Mexico...

Jason H. Bowden said...

We need to start supporting the individual welfare. The general welfare is the problem.

That means tax cuts for the rich.


Because risky economic behavior rarely is immediately remunerative. Often an entrepreneur will have to struggle for 5-10 years before and if the business succeeds; THEN the big income pours in. If there isn't a potential pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, more people will find the risk isn't worth it and will remain in the cubicle.

Why do we want new entrepreneurs to succeed? Because we want job creation, not job losses. Wealth needs to be continually created; it cannot be "distributed" indefinitely because we will at some point run out of people to steal from, like the USSR.

In short, higher taxes on the rich will adversely impact economic growth.