Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 fatally shot in convenience store robbery

So many things to say about this story
First of all, society is much, much, much better off due to the results of this story.
Second, because people in the store had a gun everyone was more safe.

I love how the relatives say that the trash that were killed were not trying to rob the store...hum..lets see:

The men were armed and wearing masks and gloves when they entered the store at N. 12th and W. Chambers streets about 10:45 a.m.
then the bad parent who raised one of the men said:
"My son, he wouldn't harm anybody. He'd never done anything to anybody. I taught him right from wrong," said Whitaker's mother, Sharon Lawson. "The police is telling a lie. I know he didn't go around in the store trying to rob anybody."
oh really?

Never harmed anyone? Never done anything to anybody?
Police said Whitaker and the other man had arrest records that include arrests for drugs, armed robbery and weapons violations.
Whitaker was arrested in June on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a gun, police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said.
He had convictions for marijuana possession, bail jumping and disorderly conduct, according to online court records.

Our society would be much safer and criminals would think twice if they thought that the person they were robing or trying to kill or whatever might have a gun. Gun laws only hurt law abiding citizens. Criminals will always have guns and will try and harm society in general..
Well, now two scum who probably would have murdered an innocent person someday are dead..and Milwaukee is a safer and better place for it...

So, what is your opinion?
Are law abiding citizens safer or not if they are allowed to have a gun?
Would crime go down or up if more people could have guns?
Do more gun laws stop criminals from having guns?


Anonymous said...

I concur.


"Second, because people in the store had a gun everyone was more safe."

From the sounds of it, it wasn't "people" but another like-minded criminal who also had a gun he'd probably been using to rob or intimidate other people, and was just in the store to get rolling papers or whatever, and said "Hell no!" I ain't giving up my wad to some two-bit hoods, and he pulled out his piece and shot their asses.

Power to the man, he defended hiself. Bronson would be proud.

PCD said...

No, all pantywaisted liberals like Anonymous ought to be disarmed and made to wear a sign saying so. Maybe the idiot will wake up after a few robberies, if he lives.

The Game said...

actually I am sure these guys that shot the scum bags were criminals too..ill give you that..

American said...

First of all - I have no sympathy for those criminals. I have xero tolerance when it comes to crimanls.
Having said that, 'more guns' is not the solution. We should control guns more so it should be extremely difficult for criminals to buy/own a gun. People will think twice before doing anything without guns. On the other hand, you give a gun - everybody feels like a superman. From a store robber to some depressed man who wants to take away a few more innocent people before comitting suicide. Guns should be controlled - period.

The Game said...

I agree American...IF that was just doesnt seem to be.
And if you are talking about more gun laws then you really dont get it.
Criminals dont care about gun laws and will get a gun if they want one.
Yes, if somehow you could actually make it very hard to even have a gun at all, like they are not available, I am okay with that.
But since we have that "annoying" thing called the constitution, you still have to make guns available to law-abiding citizens.
yes, you can make it a bit hard for them to get a gun too..and there should be lots of training..but you cant completely ban guns either.

American said...

I'm not for bannnig guns. But, I am all for making it very very difficult and expensive to buy one!! There has to be regular reviews, inspections on those who own the guns. You know you have a problem when someone can walk into a gun show and buy gun on the spot with fake IDs / details.

I agree - Criminals will find guns even if we make it difficult to buy one. Even if guns are banned, there will be black market to supply. That's true with anything and everything in our society.

When it is difficult and expensive to buy guns, all these young kids with no proper education / role model WILL NOT be able to engane in anti-social activities so fast. When you have an easy access to something, people go for it and abuse it. Gun sales/business is way out of control these days.