Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can Obama really be this bad?

He has failed to stop people from foreclosing on their mortgage even though he spent tons of money
He has failed to stop us from losing thousands of jobs by the month
He passes a stimulus that may have destroyed our economy for decades and has done nothing to help
He is now failing us in Iraq and Iran

When you vote for a guy who has never accomplished anything in his entire life (make sure not to include winning elections, lets focus on actually doing something of substance) and you wonder why he is completely screwing up every single thing that comes up.

This is not a is great he is a complete failure so we can win back the house and senate, but it might not be worth this price. He is in competition with Jimmy Carter for the most incompetent administration ever.

The people around him has no clue what they are doing.
I understand liberals here will not be able to handle these facts and try and say things about Bush...
First, try and stick to the person who is President
Second, there is NO WAY you can even think of saying that every single thing Bush ever did was a complete disaster. That is literally what is happening here...
Bush created millions of jobs after the biggest terrorist attack in our history, he signed educational reform, and eventually created stability to the middle east...
Obama is destroying all that as well as destroying our entire way of life in months!!


Realism said...

I think that comparing Obama's accomplishments in his first 7 months to Bush's over 8 years is a little dishonest.

What had Bush accomplished at this point? He hadn't even failed to stop the worst terrorist attack in our country's history by this time.

Let's see - what had bush done...
1. On his first day in office, Bush moved to block federal aid to foreign groups that offered counseling or any other assistance to women in obtaining abortions.
2. Bush announced that the federal government would fund the research, yet only use human embryos which had already been destroyed.
3.Bush enacted massive tax cuts in July 2001 which changed the way federal taxes were paid and introduced changes to retirement and pension plans of senior citizens.