Friday, August 21, 2009

Fighting false health care claims, Obama repeats one of his own

He said the first thing he wanted to correct was the idea that the proposed overhaul would force some people into different health care plans. "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan," he said, repeating one of his stock lines.

That's not true, however, according to, an independent truth squad run by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

"He can't make that promise to everyone," concluded FactCheck's analysis, one of several that point out that the Democrats' health care plan could lead to employers switching plans, and thus forcing their employees into different plans and perhaps to different doctors.

"Under the House bill," FactCheck said, "some employers might have to modify plans after a five-year grace period if they don't meet minimum benefits standards.

"Furthermore, some firms are likely to buy different coverage for their workers than they have now, or simply drop coverage and pay a penalty instead, leaving workers to buy their own private coverage or go on a new federal insurance plan."


Jim said...

Employers switch plans all the time. I've worked for my company for over 30 years and have had to switch plans more than once. I've had to switch doctors because they were in one network but not in another.

So what? Your saying in essence that under the House Bill some things may happen that happen now all the time.

How profound!

The Game said...

that is what will happen first, then in 5 years most companies will get rid of their plans all together and use the govt plan..not hard for anyone to figure out.
but liberals always do things like this..their plans usually take years to ruin what they were trying to help..good thing is atleast a few more people have wised up

Jim said...

Companies may drop plans with private insurance companies anyway since the cost doubles every 9 years. Or just tell their employees if they want it, they can pay for it.

Won't they be happy if they have the opportunity to select from an insurance exchange that includes a public option that costs less money.

Realism said...

You are correct. He should have said
"If you like your health care plan, we're not going to make you change it".

That would've avoided some of the dim bulbs among us shouting "LIAR".

Person A: "If you like diet Coke, you can continue to buy diet Coke"