Thursday, August 13, 2009

Liberals just dont understand human nature

Liberals are trying to mandate the kind of cars America car companies make, they are trying to mandate what kind of cars we buy.
As is the case with most liberal philosophy, the only way to get us to do what they want is to make us do it.
Here are the top selling cars this year..

1.Ford F-Series: 179,632
2.Toyota Camry: 150,242
3.Chevrolet Silverado: 149,949
4.Honda Accord: 131,043
5.Toyota Corolla: 121,643
6.Honda Civic: 118,459
7.Nissan Altima: 96,428
8.Dodge Ram: 94,516
9.Ford Fusion: 85,146
10.Honda CR-V: 78,917

Look at the top three..two of the top three are "gas-guzlers"
Ford's number one selling item, the number one selling item in the United States is a truck..and CEO obama doesn't like that...
So he prints some more money and tries to make us by the cars he wants us to buy.
Here is a story about that...


American said...

Nobody is stopping you from buying ‘gas guzzlers’. Please feel free to go and waste your money. There is nothing wrong in promoting more fuel efficient cars. There is nothing wrong in promoting more sustainable sources of energy in place of oil and coal. It’s the smart, logical thing to do. I would be worried if Govt was promoting ‘gas guzzlers’ even after we know how ‘oil’ is influencing/funding conflicts and wars all over the world.

The Game said...

the point of the post...people do not want to buy the cars obama wants them to buy..atleast not in the numbers they want..yes, you can still buy whatever you want...for now..

HumbleHumanity said...

American, your statement "feel free to go and waste your money" belies several FACTS. I will enumerate them for your benefit.

1. "free" how dare you even use the word free.

2. "your" money? how dare you use the word your.

The only one "free" to spend "your" money is Herr Obama.

Get a life, get a liberty, get a pursuit of happiness.

American said...

@ Game:
I do get your point. I hope you get my point too. Sure, People are not buying the fuel efficient cars. People are not eating healthy food either. It doesn't make it right. There is nothing wrong in encouraging people to do the right stuff.

@ HH:
You haven't changed much....Smiles....

Jim said...

Looks like 7 out of the 10 are relatively high mileage vehicles. What's the matter with the idiots who would by these cars?

Serpephone said...

Was Obama not the proud owner of a gas guzzler before he entered the White House???

---> Chrysler 300!!!