Friday, August 14, 2009

Wisconsin State Fair Day 9: Thursday August 13th review and Friday August 14th preview

Mainstage review: Davy Jones/Gary Puckett
Gary Puckett put on a nice 50 minute show before the headliner in front of about 3000 people at the state fair Thursday night. He has a list of great songs: Lady Willpower, Young Girl, Woman Woman, over you, and this girl is a woman now. I guess the only problem is that he is 67 years old and just doesnt have the pipes he once had. I thought he still sounded good given his age, but the older workers backstage were more reminiscent of a much better voice.
I did not catch a good deal of Davy Jones set because I was running an autograph signing for Puckett, but I did hear it from a distance and saw the last 30 minutes. He is a great performer, told funny jokes, made fun of himself, and had a lot of hits to sing. The other great thing was that it was really important to him that his fans had a good time. He has been doing this for a long time and it would be completely understandable if he would have been burned out by now. He thanked us for taking him out into the fair to sign autographs for atleast 200 people. He said he understood "what a pain in the ass it was to do that, but as long as the fans were happy"
A few funny things he did backstage: he walked off the stage like a monkey and had one of the female security guards walk him back to his dressing room like that. When we said the crowd really liked his show, he said "there is no accounting for taste" and when the autograph line was almost done he said, "its about time for my handlers to put me back into my box" Its nice to see a guy who was one of the biggest stars in the world for years still be humble and appreciate his fans, even if there was not a sold out crowd to play too.

Preview for Friday, August 14th
Time Warner Cable Mainstage: Rick Springfield 8pm

bands playing in the park tonight include Cracker, 76 Juliet, Cherry Pie, Bad Medicine, Rhythem Method
for a complete list visit here

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Scorpion said...

As we often see at the MAINSTAGE the entertainers from this time frame in music,comedy,whatever...always remembered the truly important thing was to treat people well....
definitely no imagination in that..