Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dismay in Europe as Obama ditches missile defence

So, once again the stereotype is true.
Liberals don't believe that there is a reason and purpose for the military or defense.
Pick one savior
you have to either stop Iran from getting nukes and building up their military or help people defend themselves against them
It would be better if you did both, but then I guess he is fine with the start of WWIII


Realism said...

You forgot this part in your "analysis"

"Instead, after a comprehensive review, he had decided to accept the advice of both the Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, and of the Chiefs of Staff opt for a "smarter, stronger and swifter" system involving both sea-based and land-based mobile interceptors. "

Realism said...

But I suppose you are saying that we should accept the judgment of the countries of Europe instead of our own Defense Secretary and Chief of Staff when it comes to our national security, right Game?

footballmom said...

Appeasers!! This administration is creating a scary time for us. Poland did everything to get our help and Obama abandoned them.

Realism said...

I'm sorry, but you are an idiot. If you don't like me calling you an idiot, you shouldn't spout off without knowing what you're talking about.

PCD said...

Unrealism, Show me the system right now.

You, can't and neither can Obama. You MONICA-ed the empty lie once again.

Realism said...

Unrealism, Show me the system right now.

Ok, wtf does that even mean? It's clear that you're heading into "kenneth what is the frequency" territory now, pcd.

Please start taking your meds.

PCD said...

Ha! There is no system that Obama spouted about! It doesn't exist. There is no ship borne system in existance.

Unrealism, you are the sick, demented bastard here. You bought Obama's appeasment and you doubled down on stupid and got caught echoing a lie.

Realism said...

I never get tired of making you look stupid. You make it so easy.

"Since 1999, MDA has conducted five SM-3 flight tests. Four have been successful."

"For years, the Navy has been developing the Aegis missile defense system...The Pentagon said Thursday it will deploy the Aegis ship-based system by 2011, likely on as many as three ships, in place of the European missile defense system the Bush administration had envisioned, said Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at the Pentagon briefing Thursday.

The ship-based system would also give the US greater flexibility to adapt the system and move it around as needed. But the system can also carry more than 100 interceptors, meaning it can intercept many more missiles that could be hurled at a target than could the ground-based system.

I will be looking for you to admit that you were wrong once again. But, just like the sheriff Baca fiasco, I expect you will just lash out with more hate. Remember that one, when you wouldn't abandon your lies, even in the face of concrete facts? Face it, you are a deluded, brainwashed shell of a human being.

I truly pity you.

PCD said...

Unrealism, you are a professional Democrat liar.

Now, you want to admit the existing systems are not in the number, not being built in the numbers needed to attempt to replace the system Obama scuttled, and are not as capable as the system Obama scuttled.

Again, you are a liar.