Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thousands rally at tea party

First you have to give the Journal credit for covering this, lets see if it is in the print version of the paper in the morning.
This is such a good sign to see stuff like this. There were thousands..not tens or hundreds..thousands..
Liberals were trying to crash Paul Ryan's health care town meetings and at some of them could not get one single person to show up.

The few people I know, the very few, that are okay with Obama really dont have a reason. They just rip republicans and say they are stupid. I do not think I know one single person who can give specific points on anything they like about anything Obama has done...and I work in education.

That is saying something....
Keep it up year will be the end of king Obama


American said...

It's important to report the news and correct numbers. If there were thousands, reporters should say the same.

Take a look at the recent tea party rally at DC. News channels are either ignoring it or promoting it. Both are wrong. We need true news reporters.

blamin said...
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blamin said...

I went to a SOC (Stop Obama Care) rally in my town. Thousands attended.

I was appalled at how most of the local news outlets reported the story.

The rally was held at an outdoor amphitheater, in which I was able to freely walk around and observe many people. I watched dozens of interviews. The local paper and 3 of 4 local network stations misreported the event.

To start with, this was reported as an “anti healthcare” rally, it clearly was not! The real kick in the teeth was the people they choose to broadcast or report in the paper were a deliberate misrepresentation of the crowd, both sides.

By far, the majority of SOC people interviewed were articulate, with great ideas, and sound reasoning. However, the pro Obama supporters interviewed, sounded angry, went off on rants about evil rich people/insurance/business, etc. and was clearly using rehearsed or "talking point" lines.

I followed one reporter around the entire time she was there. She interviewed 6 SOC people, 5 of the 6 made well reasoned and excellent points about their position, 1 of the 6 sounded like a conspiracy theory nut. Guess which one was shown on the broadcast? The same reporter interviewed 4 Obama supporters. 3 of 4 were the angry ranters mentioned above, the other repeated talking points and was semi literate. Guess which one was on the broadcast?

I asked one pro Obama guy carrying a sign, why he supported the current health care proposals? His answer, “He my president”. I answered, “Well, he’s my president to, but why do you support the plan?” He gave me a blank stare until an older women came to his rescue. She answered my question, saying, “We have to do something”. I said, “Does something mean anything”. She said, “What you mean?” I said, “Does doing something mean you’re willing to do anything?” She looked at me a second, then answered, “I trust Obama, he do what’s best for me.”

I suspect that’s pretty representative of what’s going on all over this country.

It’s also an example of how the media will create an inaccurate stereotype, then do everything possible to perpetuate the myth.