Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Europe’s Socialists Suffering Even in Downturn

Finally even the New York Times comes around to my position.
I have been saying this for years.
Europe was a good 15-20 years ahead of us in socialism. They have had a chance to really really see how terrible it is and how miserably it has failed. It took awhile but the people there have had enough..it has been long enough to give it its chance.
Socialism is tried pretty much everywhere in the world once, it sounds great.
Who doesn't want cheap, free health care for everyone?
Who doesn't want free stuff by simply taxing the crap out of the rich?
But it doesn't work.
I have been saying it for years. Liberalism sounds good, but the ideas never, ever work.
They have not worked in Europe, they have never worked anywhere.
Eventually everywhere socialism has been tried has failed and been turned around, accept where a dictator has taken over.

Well, we have Obama and he is trying to make sure the USA gets in line to fail at socialism. Heck, he even seems like he is going for that whole dictator thing right away too.
Lets just hope there are not too many people who really think Obama can build them a new kitchen or get them a new car or whatever...I know that number keeps going up, but I hope that the 20% or so that are hard working yet still believe that liberal/socialist message sounds good finally see how it cant' work and will never work.


Jim said...

As usual, you have taken a headline that appears to support your fear and loathing of any even smelling of progressiveness and neglected to actually read more than the first paragraph. Here are some choice quotes from your article:

"Europe’s center-right parties have embraced many ideas of the left: generous welfare benefits, nationalized health care, sharp restrictions on carbon emissions, the ceding of some sovereignty to the European Union."

"But they have won votes by promising to deliver more efficiently than the left, while working to lower taxes, improve financial regulation, and grapple with aging populations."

"Europe’s conservatives, says Michel Winock, a historian at the Paris Institut d’Études Politiques, "have adapted themselves to modernity.""

"When Nicolas Sarkozy of France and Germany’s Angela Merkel condemn the excesses of the “Anglo-Saxon model” of capitalism while praising the protective power of the state, they are using Socialist ideas that have become mainstream, he said."

Basically what the article is saying that European Socialism and the progressive policies you hate is mainstream and the nominal "socialists" on the far left have lost favor.

And that actually is contrary to the point you have failed to make.

blamin said...
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blamin said...


As usual, you’ve allowed yourself to be spun.

The headline is accurate. That is, it reports the actual, concrete results of an awakening public. The quotes you’ve listed are nothing more than elites trying to explain away the obvious.

I’m sure that any quote coming from whichever lefty from the “Paris Institut d’Études Politiques” will leave you all a-quiver, but, you need to ignore the whining, listen to the actual results, and Wake The Hell Up!

American said...

Hey Blamin,
So...does it mean that the newly elected conservatives in europe are going to revoke all the welfare benefits, nationalized health care ..the ideas of 'left' ? Or, continue the same policies?

Jim said...

And Game, you are still blowing hot air. This article simply proves that all this Obama and liberals are "Socialists" are simply bulls**t. The European "Socialists" are not popular. However, the European "Conservatives" espouse basically the same policies as Obama and American Liberals.

So this gives you two choices.
1. Liberal and progressive policies ARE popular and working in Europe.

2. Obama's policies aren't really "Socialist".

Take your choice. :-)

Marshall Art said...

Nonsense, Jim. Are you actually dismissing this trend because their conservatives are still more leftist than ours? It is a bit much to expect that they would, all of a sudden, totally turn 180. A more gradual shift is most likely and more realistic. We can see the shift and we approve. We are not saying they have totally arrived.

Indeed, the "progressive" shift of our own nation has taken place over the span of well over 50 years, with just a few interruptions by great Americans like Reagan, and the Congress of '94. These things are like aircraft carriers changing course in the sea. They don't just spin about and head in the other direction. The turn is slow. This seems to be the case in Europe. Time will tell if it continues. So far, so good.

Scorpion said...

WOW..such incredibly bad choices...

Realism said...

Are you actually dismissing this trend because their conservatives are still more leftist than ours?

Silly rabbit...Their conservatives are more leftist than our Liberals

Realism said...

But since you are so interested in Europe, why don't you do a post about how the average European is faring during this recession compared to the average American.

Naw, you aren't that intellectually honest. you are only interested in smearing liberals, gaining insight is not on the agenda.