Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Without Bush, media lose interest in war caskets

This is obvious to most, but I'll post it to really drive the point home.

The second Obama won the election all of a sudden Iraq did not matter...even though things are very similar under Obama as they were under Bush..

Where are all the news stories and protests?

Where is the outrage at Gitmo? That was going to be closed immediately..its not, but I guess the liberals don't care anymore.
Could it be because they can only draw up fake outrage against the Right?
I don't see any other reason?


Realism said...

The media lost their interest in war caskets long before Obama was elected.

TerryN said...

Good observation Game. I love the term drive-by media. I may tire of El Rushbo but not that term. Any talking head today is working for their employeer and picks and chooses their stories accordingly.

Fact: if McCain won, today's media would be doing daily stories of the victims of both wars.