Monday, September 21, 2009

McChrystal: More Forces or 'Mission Failure'

This is a very simple one..
Obama said during the campaign that Iraq was the wrong war but Afghanistan was the right war...
So the war Obama said was the one we needed to fight, he is failing and losing.
We could list pretty much every single thing he has done so far and call it a failure, but lets focus on this single failure for now. Most people can not handle that long of a list.

So what do you say liberals?
Obama made those comments so moderates would vote for him, since most moderates and others in the middle still want a commander in chief that cares about keeping us safe.

There are some of us who know better and understand that Obama will always back down and will lose every single conflict that is too hard, military or otherwise.

Until we have a Republican back in office we will be considered weak to the rest of the world, period. That is what happened during Clinton's eight years and it will happen for atleast the next 3. Hopefully three is not enough to give terrorist to come up with another 9-11.

I always did admit that Bush made me nervous when he spoke, but I wish I would hear our President talk about success and winning and beating terrorism, now all we here is...................


limo said...

War is war there is no legal or no illegal war... i am not agree with this statement that Afghanistan war is right or Iraq war is wrong..

Jim said...

"We could list pretty much every single thing he has done so far and call it a failure,"

Of course you could. You could say that pigs can fly, too, but that wouldn't be true either.

Stimulus bill, passed. Win.
Economy coming back. Win.
GM hiring back workers. Win.
Cash for clunkers. Win.

Afghanistan is complex and changing all the time. Many respected foreign affairs and military figures have opinions that cover the spectrum on Afghanistan. What McCrystal says doesn't make it God's truth. Obama has not failed in Afghanistan. Obama has added more troops and given his military commander leeway to act as needed. There is no failure to be claimed at this time, and if there were, it would be failure of the military to meet their objectives. Are you going to go along with that?

So let Obama consider McCrystal's report and weigh it along with the advice of many other experts and set a strategy for the region that best suits US interests.

Not that it matters to you. Obama has already failed at everything he's done and will continue to fail for the next eight years. The Game has spoken!

American said...

Before hetook office..."we want him to fail".
After he took office ...."He has failed in everything."

If Tom Delay was a Democrat, this blogger would have blamed his 'dancing' on Obama and added one more reason to support Obama's 'failure'.

Seriouly, how can anyone have a discussion with fringe elements? Oh well...

The Game said...

from Jim:
Stimulus bill, passed. Win...really? we spend an ass load of money and for what? are you saying the economy would have never come back if we would not have done that. We have not even spent 90% of it yet. the economy would have come back either way, some experts say it is coming back slower than if there was no stimulus
Economy coming back. Win...covered
GM hiring back workers. Win...because of billions of tax payer dollars
Cash for clunkers. Win...maybe, we have to see how bad sales are now that it is done..what might have happened is anyone who would have bought a car in the next year just bought one then and now no one will buy one...that one is out until the end of the year atleast..

Realism said...

All they are saying is give war a chance.