Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where is the media reporting on ACORN?

video of ACORN members telling a "pimp" how to run an illegal prostitution ring with 15 year old sex slaves without getting caught or paying taxes..

There is no way you could make this stuff up.
But no, this is a an organization that needs tax money to do what again?
All they seem to do is get arrested for vote fraud among other things..

With all the other hard core racists and radicals that Obama actively chooses to spend time with and want as advisers, I wonder if he was the one who taught ACORN to act like this, or the other way around?


Anonymous said...

Same reason they aren't reporting on Richard Mellon Scaife's operations. Even YOU don't bring up Scaife.

Andy said...

It's in the Washington Post.

American said...

I watched the entire video on youtube. It's disgusting how corrupt and immoral some of these people are. To their credit, CNN covered it while MSNBC pretty much ignored it. No surprise there!

Having said this - I have no illusions here. Liberals in the media are displaying the same level of dishonesty that is matched by conservatives on the other side. Take for example, the case of "You lie" heckler during Obama's speech. Fox News 'talking heads' either ignored it or supported it. Same thing with the kneejerk reaction from usual suspects like Michelle Malkin even before she read Obama's school speech. Last night, Bill O'Reilly had Ann Coulter for discussing healthcare reforms. Sure - she can be as 'fair and balanced' as Michael Moore!!

As I keep saying, it's the filthy, dishonest, partisan hacks (from both sides) who are diluting the standards of debate. It's really sad.

The Game said...

here is where you are wrong american..
there is a big difference between news reporting and "talking heads" and opinion shows.
So when O'Reilly has Ann Coulter on, it doesn't have to be fair and balanced, it is an opinion show..he usually tries to get someone from both sides for an issue, but not always.

And ACORN doing what they did and all the other people Obama has been friends with for 20 years or wanted as advisors is a MUCH MUCH bigger deal than someone yelling something for three seconds. Do you really, honestly put ACORN in the same level as the yelling guy? Really?

blamin said...

Game said ”there is a big difference between news reporting and "talking heads" and opinion shows.”

How true, and how sad that point has been made for years and some still don’t understand. I think when you’ve been brainwashed and engineered for years by main stream media opinion shows pretending to be news reporting, some get to the point where they just can’t comprehend the difference.

Anonymous said...

This is why Fox viewers overwhelmingly believe Saddam pulled off 9/11 and that Obama is s Muslim double agent. If people are still tuning in to hear Coulter spew her nonsense and listen to Hannity lie about what Obama said, that's their prerogative. Fox is a popular cable network, just ask the 3 million senior citizens who watch every day. If people are incapable of separating the shit from the shinola, I'd blame the individuals and not Fox. They're in it to make money.

PCD said...

Here are the liberals trying to deflect from yet another Obama/Democrat scandal. More proof Obama supporters are utterly bankrupt and may not even have souls. Smuggling children in for prostitution and not a peep of protest from ANY Democrat!

American said...

@ Game:
You are deviating from the original discussion. I was talking about how both liberal and conservative media selectively either cover or ignore stories of their choice. I wasn't comparing O'Reilly to ACORN. Also, your arguement of 'opinion' Vs 'news' is getting old. Remember, FNC stands for 'Fox News Channel'!! Their so-called news anchors have very clear bias towards certain political philosophy. Your comment on Bill O'Reilly ("he usually tries to bring people on both sides of the issue....")....seriously, do you believe what you wrote? Having Carl Rove / Dick Morris/ Laura Ingraham is 'both sides' ? Honestly, I find Chris Mathews more 'fair and balanced' than Bill or Keith Olbermann! At least, Chris brings on a strong conservative Pat Buchanan unike others.

American said...

Your regular talking points of how "main stream media bainwashed people for years" shows who is really brainwashed by their msaters!!
I was referring to people like you who are known for attacking the other side blindly while ignoring flaws of your own side.

The Game said...

no no no america..I cant let you get away with that one. Chris Matthews used to be somewhat moderate until Obama got elected..every time I turn it on he is openly attacking anyone who says anything about Obama...sometimes when the coservative is winning he opening gets upset and looks like he is going to cry.
I dont watch these shows too much anymore so I am not sure how much Bill has two sides but I know at times he does.
And I am still very confident in saying that the pundit shows are not supposed to be balanced...the only difference is Hannity and sometimes Bill admit they are coming from one side and the other guys do not

The Game said...

american, not america

American said...

I can't let you get away with this one either!!
Chris Mathews, for sure, is a liberal guy. But, he invites very conservative guys like Pat Buchanan and Tom Tancredo on regular basis. On the other hand, Bill claims that he is an 'Independent', but brings only conservatives to cover the topics in most of the cases. Moreover, all of his anger and 'cut off his/her mic' acts seem to be reserved only for liberals. He doesn't mind 'french kissing' extreme characters like Ann Coulter!! (By the way, the usage of 'french kissing Ann Coulter' is not my original idea. It was Bernie Goldberg telling Bill on his show!!).

PCD said...

Again, not one liberal trolling this site can condemn ACORN. What bankrupt, soulless, and insensitive people Liberals are.

Realism said...

I condemn ACORN. Happy now?

PCD said...

insencere, Unrealism. Just like your fake patriotism.