Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why swine flu shots should prove the failure of socialized medicine

Take a look at what is happening from one shot of a flu that is not that huge of a deal.
Morons have said "private companies make the shot"
It's the govt, specifically the CDC that regulates how the shot is made and any other rules and regulations that go with it.
What is going to happen when the govt runs your entire health care, when they are in charge of your health.
There will be shortages, they already under pay for medicare and medicade. They will do the same when they control your life while at the same time bankrupt our economy and our way of life.
This is just the beginning.
Watch what is happening. Look at the lines, look at the panic.
This is one small, minor thing...
When the govt can not pay for health care even with massive tax increases, they will have to cut back on service. Right now they underpay 30% on services.
The reason it does not matter now is because the rest of us pick up the cost.
What happens when there is no one left?
What happens when the economy is so slow and there are less and less people to pay for this?
They want to make the top rate 45% JUST for federal taxes.
We are in big trouble...keep fighting people.
We can not let liberals ruin our entire nation.


Anonymous said...

You are scared by your own shadow. Living in fear is no way to go thru life.

jimspice said...

Rather than counter the errors in almost each line above, I'd simply like you to explain why the U.S. ranks 38th in health outcomes behind countries with much more socialized systems than the ones proposed here.

Sure, go ahead and cherry pick your outcomes, but you still won't get a top rank. How is this possible?

Scorpion said...

Scared...hardly..amazed..saddened.. I look
at what's happening..incredible...
no imagination in that...

ReasonableCitizen said...

There are numerous inaccuracies in your post.

However, the Kennedy Plan (as it once was known) is wrong for America. Forcing citizens to buy insurance? Extra taxes on those who don't?

We can do better than that.