Thursday, October 29, 2009

Obama's latest failures

You can focus on one or all of them.
Those of us who were smart always knew he was a "not ready for prime time player" and he proves it daily..

Clunkers: Taxpayers paid $24,000 per car
Auto sales analysts at say the pricey program resulted in relatively few additional car sales.
A total of 690,000 new vehicles were sold under the Cash for Clunkers program last summer, but only 125,000 of those were vehicles that would not have been sold anyway, according to an analysis released Wednesday by the automotive Web site

Stimulus jobs overstated by thousands
An early progress report on President Barack Obama's economic recovery plan overstates by thousands the number of jobs created or saved through the stimulus program, a mistake that White House officials promise will be corrected in future reports.
The government's first accounting of jobs tied to the $787 billion stimulus program claimed more than 30,000 positions paid for with recovery money. But that figure is overstated by least 5,000 jobs, according to an Associated Press review of a sample of stimulus contracts.
The AP review found some counts were more than 10 times as high as the actual number of jobs; some jobs credited to the stimulus program were counted two and sometimes more than four times; and other jobs were credited to stimulus spending when none was produced.

Stimulus dollars going to accused contractors
More than $1.2 billion awarded to firms on watchdog's list


American said...

"Those of us who were smart always knew he was a "not ready for prime time player" and he proves it daily.."

You "smart guys" also wanted him to fail from day-1, right? So, there is no surpirse here. Inerestingly, I was also one of the "smart guys" who voted for McCain. But, here is the differnce - To me, it's "country first"!! Not the "Party first".

I don't want to see my country fail in economy, wars and other areas - there is nothing to cheer about.

m said...

go back to november and january "american" I wantedhim to do well..he is worse than anyone ever thought..if you support him there is really really something wrong with you and there is NO WAY you want your country to do well

PCD said...


Get it straight, if you possibly can, moron! We want Obama's plans to make this a socialist country to fail.

HumbleHumanity said...


The country will fail if we continue to have programs fail. The fact that it failed and is now being acknowledged proves the country is not failing.

If we celebrated this "failure" then we would be done.