Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The consequences of the PC world: Fort Hood edition

Fort Hood Suspect Warned of Muslim Threat Within Military...
Was under FBI probe in 2008...
Officials: U.S. Aware of Hasan Efforts to Contact al Qaeda...


Anonymous said...

Why didn't the Bush administration take action when warned about a possible Muslim plot? Uh, I think that question's been asked before...

blamin said...

Stock answers used by intellectually challenged liberals when confronted with a uncomfortable truth.

1. But, but, but, Bush
2. Why do you hate children?
3. Racist!!!
4. Why do you hate the poor?
5. Hope and change
6. Nazi!!!
7. Why do you hate the earth?

Anonymous said...

Stock answers from knuckledraggin' reactionaries when confronted with their own hypocrisy:

1. But Clinton believed Saddam had WMD
2. Why do you hate rich people?
3. Elitist!!!
4. Why do you hate old white people?
5. Family values
6. Socialist!!!
7. Why do you hate capitalism?

blamin said...


If you had even an inkling of the history of progressives you'd be feeling pretty foolish about now. Seems how "ignorance is bliss", I'm sure you're feeling just fine.

dmarks said...

Anon asked: "Why didn't the Bush administration take action when warned about a possible Muslim plot? Uh, I think that question's been asked before..."

Indeed. This "why didn't the previous President do something" situation might be similar to how Clinton refused to do much about Osama, to the point of refusing to take him into custody when someone offered him to Clinton.

"1. But Clinton believed Saddam had WMD"

Correction: Clinton knew Saddam had WMD. Because, of course, he did.

I also saw you battling with a "reactionary", but it turns out there were none present.

Ron said...

(this has nothing to do with this post specifically..just in general)

Would you guys hurry up and secede already? Nothing would be better for both of us.

You could call it the United Citizens of feartopia or something.

The people with the big money(banksters,corporations and the people that run them) run our government. That is who the government is and who they work for no matter who is in office.(yes, I include Obama) They are the ones that get the bulk of the government money,breaks and services and bills that go their way everytime.
Game if you go back a couple of months you will see that I told you that everyone will be forced to buy insurance. Cuz I'm sharp? No, Cuz how it works is so obvious by now. They aren't even trying to hide it anymore. It should be apparent to a 3rd grader by now. Hell they run the world. How hard is it to figure out Money= power. Yet you guys are all to willing to ignore that and blame the worlds problems on poor people.

See ya. So grateful to God almighty I don't have to be ya.

Ron said...

If you still aren't convinced search for Erwin Wagnehoffers "Let's Make Money". Segments are on youtube but you need to see the entire thing to get the full nauseating impact. It's available for sale or through Bit Torrent should you go that way. If you are not convinced that we..as in YOU and ME are f**ked after that then I must assume you are unconscious. Something I have been wondering about already.

HumbleHumanity said...

Lest you forget, we have all those "evil"guns, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA