Saturday, November 07, 2009

Obama's Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting

So what does this mean?
I few options:
1. He is always in campaign mode so he has to kiss ass to the people in front of him.
2. He is too stupid to know the difference between a medal of honor and medal of freedom
3. He doesn't care about the difference because he could care less about the military
4. He shows even more of his "love" for the military by giving "shout-outs" to people for the wrong reason before getting around to talking about soldiers getting killed.

I could keep writing, but this at minimum shows something is wrong with him.
When a President isn't allowed to read off a prompt, to prepare, you see what kind of person they are...
Obama has shown he is not ready for prime time, has no ability to think on his own, talk without reading off a prompt, and I guess he resorts back to the non-emotional babble he usually does.

If Obama in general wasn't a national emergency I would say this is not just seems so weird..
But he keeps doing things no other President has ever done...
Oh wait, I forget, Lincoln gave a few "shout outs" before reading the Gettysburg bad


Scorpion said...

When your strong suit is being an entertainer you must always do something to entertain..sad...and very disappointing...