Tuesday, January 19, 2010

GOP's Brown wins Mass. Senate seat in epic upset

There is still hope for America..

The Democrats finally felt comfortable being themselves, they control everything, they did everything they wanted..
And for the second time, voters from a state that voted 2 to 1 for Obama over McCain have now voted state-wide for Republicans...
After only ONE year..
It took ONE year for people with common sense to see out of control spending, weakening of our military strategy, turn around on the war against terrorist, and the systematic destruction of our health care system.

Maybe this will scare enough Democrats from "red" states to vote against socialism in the future.
It is very possible Dems will now change their ways and save their complete destruction in November, but now they are scared to be all-out liberals. They see that being a liberal is a first class ticket to the same unemployment line that Obama has failed to shorten.


Scorpion said...

He wasn't supposed to have a chance...O the entertainer even came to the rescue at the final hour..imagine that...