Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stimulus is really working!!!!

Jobless claims rise...
Inflation Jump
16.8% annual?

Wow, way to go stimulus!!!
No jobs but everything costs a lot more..great job Obama!!!


Anonymous said...

Why did Eric Cantor claim 150,000 jobs were created by the high speed rail stimulus project in Virginia? I wish these guys would get their stories straight. Not to mention one-third of the stimulus bill was tax cuts and we all know how well tax cuts create new jobs...what the hell is going on here?

The Game said...

I am getting so sick of huge morons coming on here as "anon" and saying the dumbest stupid crap ever.

What is the point of your first stupid comment? That even if one project that created jobs that the whole thing is good? Or is Eric Cantor a Republican and you want to say that since a Republican said something I am forced to agree with that. That number seems completely stupid. Also, it is possible that in certain areas a high speech train is a smart idea. If there was ANYTHING that was okay with the stimulus is the money used on projects that actually make things..I think that was about 10% of the stimulus.

Now, the tax cuts in the stimulus were not the same kind as Bush..leave it to a liberal to give "tax-cuts" and screw that up too..
Most of those tax cuts were actually incentives for people to spend money on other things. Tax breaks is really what they were. Those are okay but do way less than having everyone's pay check larger. If I don't buy new windows that break doesn't help me does it?
If I dont have a kid going to college that break doesn't help me.

Nice try moron..use your actual name next time..

Jim said...

that break doesn't help me

that break doesn't help me

Me, me, me, me, me!

What about the window maker?

The Game said...

Well...I guess it doesn't help him either...
You just can't see how to do things that work,can you?

If you give EVERYONE more money on their check, EVERYONE spends more money..

This way doesn't work..they are not really tax cuts, they are incentives, that was my point. the point is they do not help everyone, they MIGHT help very small amounts of people. And since the breaks are not being used as much as the govt thought, the number given by liberals on tax "cuts" is not even right.

I don't expect you to understand what a tax cut is anyway..

Man, you guys are going to get such a beat down in will be wonderful.

the problem is that I do not see the GOP really stepping up and offering enough ideas.
They can't just be the "not liberal" party..

Anonymous said...

The "tax cuts" or incentives that are in the stimulus bill were Republicant proposals. Yet these geniuses still voted NO as a group on the stim bill while running in front of the news cameras in their home districts bragging about creating jobs! And the hilarious part is they know their followers aren't savvy enough to recognize the hypocrisy. It's no wonder the GOP is in its last throes.

The Blame Game
aka "huge morons coming on here as "anon"

Jim said...

If you give EVERYONE more money on their check, EVERYONE spends more money..

Dude, the window maker doesn't HAVE a paycheck if nobody is buying windows. GET IT!

Marshall Art said...

But if people have more money in their checks (those that still have a job, that is), some of those people will buy the windows they've been putting off for lack of money. GET IT? From there, the window maker earns money that HE can spend on expansion, hiring or buying for his family what HE'S been putting off. GET IT?

All these stim/jobs bills are is the gov't taking our money and giving it back to us (or only some of us). Why take it in the first place? Leave it the hell out in the market place where it can do what the flow of money does---CREATE!

And who's going to ride on a high speed rail system if they aren't working? Are they giving away free rides? Then who pays? And what happens to the workers when it's done? Do they go back on the dole? And why am I in Illinois paying for a rail system in Virginia?