Thursday, May 06, 2010

Crime riles Arizonans bent on immigration crackdown

We are the The United States of American, not Mexico.
There is a reason they try and flee, because living in Mexico sucks.
But as more and more people come here from a place that is terrible, what happens to that new place?
You are seeing it and it is a shame it took this long for people to get upset, but thank God it is finally happening.
All the things that make America the best country in the world are being taken away one day at a time. It's time to fight back.
Republicans, get your heads out of you asses and shout conservative values from the roof tops. If that was done Dem's would lose each and every seat that has any chance of being taken away in November.


WisdomFromTorah said...

Great Point that people are fed up. Arizona is the state where people have been kidnapped by mexicans and drug cartel from mexico have crossed the boarder to cause trouble. Thats why they're the madest.

We can start the process of throughing off the chain of socialism in November and then finish the job in two years November again. We can then turn things completely around!

Leaders Like Palosi will lose her place when the Dems. are a minority in the House.

You are right!