Thursday, May 06, 2010

Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees

I'll make this an open thread..
Go ahead..tell me what you think about this


Anonymous said...

Game, this is what we get when we let bilingual education and La Raza into the classrooms. Kids, even those born here, don't feel like they are Americans. Look at all the bilingual schools in MPS and how many of them have teachers who are from Latin America.

My parents were legal immigrants and fly the American flag everywhere. I wear an American flag pin just to irritate liberals.

It's almost a repellent like garlic is to vampires.

We need to bring back civics education and encourage these kids to be American. I think the VP of this school was actually hispanic and made up his own rules.

We need to really stop groups like "La Raza, the race" from having influence in our schools.

Anonymous said...

Gee, there must have been a reason our schoolchildren had to recite the Pledge of Allegiance each morning to the American flag while standing at attention with their right hand over their heart.

Jim said...

This is not black and white. (What a surprise!) I think the vice principle overreacted. However, I also think that the boys were being deliberately provocative. They couldn't go one day without wearing those T-shirts and American flag head bands but had to throw it in the face of their Latino classmates on Cinco de Mayo, the celebration of Mexican Independence?

Anonymous said...

Listen Jim, our American kids of European, African and Asian background really feel like Americans. Why is the Mexican consulate in some of our MPS schools? Why is La Raza in some of our schools?

Why do these kids not feel like Americans? Numerous kids are here from Europe, Asia, and Africa and have assimilated to this country. They feel like Americans. I know, I am one of them.

Just ask some of these Latino kids how many of their parents fly the American flag. Many of Latino immigrants did so just 20 years ago. It is because La Raza encourages them to hate this country in order to fulfill their political agenda. Cinco de Mayo was a battle against France instead of America. Why do these kids,who derive all the benefits from the U.S. taxpayers, so hateful of this country.?

If they really like Mexico so much why don't they go back and change the country?

Jim said...

Sure, and instead of celebrating St. Patrick's day, let's send all the micks back to Ireland.

The Game said...

Jim just demonstrated what liberals do.
Anon offered wonderful commentary and asked for a response. Jim could not handle that so he tried to demean anon's statement.

Liberals can not win on intellect and substance. Jim and the others show that every day.
Directly comment on anon's post Jim.

Jim said...

Jim just demonstrated what liberals do. Oh baloney!

Sorry that I didn't spell it out for you.

Anon said,

Why do these kids not feel like Americans? Numerous kids are here from Europe, Asia, and Africa and have assimilated to this country. They feel like Americans.

Nobody is suggesting that these kids don't feel like Americans except you. Mexican-Americans aren't the only people who celebrate their culture on a particular day. The Irish do. Ever see a Chinese New Year parade? Others do though I can't name dates. Portugese, Armenians.

If La Raza showed up marching and waving Mexican flags at a 4th of July parade, I would consider that in poor taste at the least, and provocative in certain cases.

I maintain that the t-shirt wearers were being deliberately provocative.

Peace Begins in the Womb said...

Jim, hello, this is our country and we get to wear our flag which celebrates the inclusion of other cultures. La Raza projects the hatred which should be on Mexico, towards us.

Why are there only a few families controlling all the wealth in Mexico? Where is all the money from oil? The anger should be towards Mexico and not us. There is no middle class in Mexico for a reason. The ruling classes don't want one. It is a failed narco state and we cannot allow an entire country to transport their population here and dictate to us based on their numbers.

We need an immigration system like Australia's which favors educated people who will most likely benefit our country instead of importing a socialist, third world mentality. We also need to have immigration from all over the world, not just one region. It's not fair that a Russian cannot come here legally because we have so many illegal aliens.

I can't believe the President of Mexico is commenting on our internal policies. If you are an illegal in Mexico, you will be hunted down and put in jail.