Monday, May 10, 2010

Fannie Mae seeks $8.4B in aid after 1Q loss

This is a PERFECT example of failed liberalism
Reference the Al Sharpton quote from a few days back..

Liberals think that it is not fair that some people can afford a nice house and others can not.
They think everyone should be equal.
Because of this thought Dodd and Frank and indirectly Obama through ACORN have put a lot of pressure on the govt to back loans to people who should not be given a house.

That is why banks had standards. It was not because they were racist, its because they didn't want to lose all their money.
Liberals do not live in reality, and you are seeing how their thought process, when added with actual power equals the complete destruction of a country.
We will be Europe if this continues. High unemployment, lower standard of living, less opportunity, poor health care, high taxes, less freedom.

Our ancestors left Europe to create this great land, and liberals are doing everything they can to bring us back.