Monday, August 16, 2010

Hamas nod for Ground Zero mosque

Once again Obama is supported by terrorists and socialist, and not by most of the American people..

At least his power will be taken away soon.


Anonymous said...

Too bad that pesky Constitution supports him and those who support the mosque. (Btw, I love your Fox News job on Obama's comments)

I thoughts conservatives valued the Constitution above all else? Has jingoism gained top spot?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't a conservative be arguing that deciding the suitability of a location for building a house of worship is appropriately made at the local level? Do we really want soft criteria such as whether some might be offended by such a building to be used in making these decisions? Could the political will of a majority hinder the construction of my church's new sanctuary, a synagogue or a Buddhist retreat?

The Blame Game

American said...

Obama is also supported by constitution, right? Does that mean that Hamas and our constituion are equal ?

Moreover, Hamas will support any Mosque anywhere in the world. What do you expect from hardline Islamic groups?

Game - there is a limit to repeat the talking points from your 'masters'. Your intention seems to be to degrade our President by linking him to terrorist groups. How sad and silly.

Just for the record- I do oppose the proposed Islamic center because I think it is not appropriate. At the same time, I am fully aware of their constitutional rights.

The Game said...

The comment I made is 100% true..Obama thinks the same thing terrorists goes along with all his thoughts and decisions..he was raised by a muslim communist..this is what he is

American said...

With all due respect - I think that you and radical Islamic terrorists have lot more in common than Obama.

Well, you have all the rights to think whatever you feel is the right thing.

God bless you and God bless america.

Jim said...

"Obama thinks the same thing terrorists think".

Umm, no. Hamas thinks the cultural center with a mosque in it should be built because mosques should be built everywhere, same as Christians and their churches.

Obama thinks the cultural center with a mosque in it should be built because the Constitution grants freedom of religion and the right to use your private property any legal way you see fit.

"Obama thinks the same thing terrorists think".

What a dishonest crock of s**t!

The Game said...

So Jim, you think Hamas is okay with Christian Churches being built anywhere? Wow

Anonymous said...

"he was raised by a muslim communist..this is what he is"

Wow. You've gone into Orly Taitz land here. I never took you very seriously, but you are either certifiable or a damn fool.

The Game said...

Let's give some facts about Obama's father and understand why BHO is the way he is..

he was an atheist by the time he moved to the United States.[6] On 2 February 1961, Obama Sr. married fellow student Stanley Ann Dunham in Maui, Hawaii,[24] though she would not find out that her new husband was already married until much later.

Dunham, missing her family, then moved back to Hawaii[27] and filed for divorce in Honolulu in January 1964. Obama Sr. did not contest, and the divorce was granted on 20 March 1964.[24] He maintained an infrequent correspondence with his ex-wife and son through letters and visited them both only once in 1971 when Barack was 10 years old.[25]

Obama Sr.'s life fell into drinking and poverty, from which he never recovered. His friend, Kenyan journalist Philip Ochieng, has described Obama Sr.'s difficult personality and drinking problems in the Kenya newspaper The Daily Nation.[18] Obama Sr. later lost both legs in another automobile collision, and subsequently lost his job. He fathered another son named George. Six months after George's birth, he died at the age of 46, in a third car crash in Nairobi.[18]

Anonymous said...

Thank you for proving that he was not raised by his father.

Jim said...

"So Jim, you think Hamas is okay with Christian Churches being built anywhere? Wow"

How stupid is that remark? No, they probably aren't, but who gives a s**t what Hamas thinks. It has absolutely nothing to do with ANYTHING about this. To try to connect the President to terrorists on this is like trying to tie Palin to the Viet Cong because they both s**t in the woods.

peace begins in the womb said...

Jim and anonymous,
Game is right.

There is a link between Hamas and this mosque. They (islamic terrorists) conquered and destroyed the world trade center and now they have to build their trophy. Most New Yorkers and Americans can see through the bs of "spreading understanding" and other pc crap. Why do you libs only value freedom of religion for Muslims and not for Christians like the Greek Orthodox Christians who are trying to build their church. Their church was destroyed by these viscious "islmaic terrorists." I still remember people jumping from the buildings to their death. How in the world can we justify the building of this building when they support this murder.
We are infidels to these Islamic terrorists and they are spitting in our face with the help of "dummocrats" who think they are so "tolerant."

Keep on educating these idiots, Game, they need it!

Jim said...

"Game is right."

No, he's wrong and so are you.

Hamas is Muslim. Muslims worship at a mosque. A mosque is a house of worship. A church is a place of worship. Catholics worship at churches. Knights of Columbus are Catholics. Therefore there is a link between Hamas and the Knights of Columbus.

Uh huh.

"now they have to build their trophy". Says who?

"How in the world can we justify the building of this building when they support this murder." No they don't. There is already a mosque there and two others within a block or two.

This is all partisan, election year bull crap. Nothing more.

Marshall Art said...

It is not uncommon for Muslims to erect a mosque on or very near the location of what they consider a victory. It is like raising one's flag after taking over a fort and bringing down the enemy's flag.

If this situation was such a "freedom of religion" issue, why has it been so much easier to get this close to getting a mosque built, but after nine years, they still can't get a Greek Orthodox church built that was destroyed in the attack? It's more of being another case of political correctness, that somehow a good is being performed by supporting the building of this mosque. It is an affront to all who died there because the attack was a result of their religious teachings as opposed to a twisting of it. To even suggest that such a place be built so near the site of this attach is the height of insensitivity and is an affront of the highest order.

The religious freedom angle is crap considering just how many mosques are in NYC and Manhatten alone. No one denies their right to build one, but to build it here is bullshit and to say otherwise is moreso.

Anonymous said...

The ignorance never ceases.

Originally, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced an agreement where the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was completely destroyed when one of the Twin Towers collapsed on it, would be rebuilt at a new and larger location east of its original site. The Port Authority would buy from the Church the land on which the church building initially stood in exchange for $20 million and the larger land parcel as well as committing to spend an additional $40 million on improvements for the site. The church and the Port Authority were unable to agree finally to the terms of this deal. However, the church still owns its original parcel and can rebuild its church there. Neither the Port Authority, nor the City of New York, nor the White House, nor the Tooth Fairy, nor the local zoning commission, nor Keith Olbermann, nor Ezra Klein, nor Judge Walker nor anyone else has told the church that it cannot rebuild on that site.

The Game said...

Think of it like this. When a kid turns 16 it is legal for him to drive. However, you are no going to allow him to drive cross country on the first day he has a license. Same goes with this story. It is legal for a mosque to be built on this site, but it is not a good idea, is not using common sense.

Jim said...

I agree that it's not a First Amendment argument. It's not about "sensitivity" either. It's an anti-terrorism argument.

Nothing says victory to al-Qaeda like proving to the Muslim world that America is lying when it says it respects all religions and that it doesn't want to attack and defeat Muslims in their own lands. Americans from California to Tennessee to New York to Wisconsin hate and fear the Muslim world.

Bin Laden's greatest dreams have come true.

Thanks Newt, Sean, Rush, Bill, Game, et al. You have completed the mission of the 9/11 19!

Anonymous said...

Think of it like this - Petraeus is trying to build bridges in Afghanistan but the fuss over a stupid cultural center in NYC ain't making it any easier for him. Hell, why don't you support the troops?

The Blame Game

Marshall Art said...

Anon from Aug 23 @ 9:52 AM. First, come up with an actual nom de plume. You can do it and still remain anonymous, as if anyone cares who you are.

Secondly, you're right. Your ignorance never ceases. Both of your links suggest a he/said, she/said situation. Pardon me if I side with the church. It doesn't matter who "gives permission", but the Port Authority does have some clout regarding that area. It's been freakin' nine years. Why so long to still have no church built and why so soon is there consideration for an ill-placed Muslim center/mosque, especially considering how many mosques are on Manhatten alone.

For anyone who thinks this is a freedom of religion issue, that's crap and blatantly so. There is no lack of respect for Islam by the desire that they not build this place so close to where their brothers murdered so many people. That too is a BS argument of the highest order.

But just so there's no confusion, I personally have no respect for a "religion" started by a despotic pedophile. That is not the same as pretending I would interfere with a Muslim's right to worship his faux religion to his heart's content. If Muslims believe Americans do not respect that right, it is due to their own prejudices together with leftists "ginning up" (to use Pelosi's words) negative characterizations of right-wing Christian Americans.

Jim said...

So you ARE a bigot who supports the terrorists.

Jim said...

"so close to where their brothers murdered so many people."

Like your brothers blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Marshall Art said...


Who are you calling a bigot and why would you?

And what nonsense is behind your last comment? Are you suggesting that McVeigh acted out of some religious conviction? Are you really making that stupid suggestion?

Islam specifically teaches its followers to commit heinous and barbarous acts. This is without question as anyone who actually researches it can testify. More to the point, there is not parallel within Christianity. None whatsoever. To pretend that McVeigh is in any way a Christian example of the same type of scumbag that took down the towers is incredibly nonsensical and beneath even you. He was not and did not claim any Biblical compulsion to act as he did. This is unlike the 9/11 scumbags who acted for allah. Thus, it is incumbent upon the rest of Islam to either reject those aspects of the religion that call for such actions, as well as those who commit the acts themselves, or come out and support them. Until the former is done, logic dictates that we must assume the latter is the at play. This isn't bigotry. It's self preservation.