Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Obama type of company

The business Obama visited yesterday (ZBB) in SE Wisconsin as a model for the future of business in America is trading at 66 cents a share (opened at $6), and can only exist due to government welfare. It lost over 9 million bucks in the last two years and millions more in the first part of this year. 44.1 million dollars of debt. The former CEO didn't pay taxes and was also paid as in independent contractor. The factory they have is only producing at 10% of capacity. This type of business should not exist and wouldn't in the old America, but it keeps getting govt money in the new liberal, socialist, Obama America. This makes sense for Obama to go there since he believes the government must run everything and is the only entity capable of taking care of people. Its called socialism and its the only way Obama believes in.

So instead of private business coming up with ideas in energy or anything else that people actually want, Obama gives money to the things HE thinks are important and that HE thinks should be happening. So that is why you only have worthless businesses like ZBB that produce nothing that anybody wants. These businesses can only exist as long as socialists like Obama take money out of your wallet and give it to them.

There is no way any liberal will be able to make a comment about this story. If there is any they will be jokes or attacks or on another topic

This is the new America if you don't get BHO and the other liberal socialist asap


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Obama, GM is back up and running. F-in government bailouts!