Friday, August 06, 2010

Wisconsin State fair Day 1 review and Friday, August 6th preview

State fair news of the day:
Well, a lot happening at the fair today. First, what I ate. Started off with what might be the best item at the fair...Deep fried PB&J from The Charcoal grill (which also had krispy cream cheeseburgers). Then it was to the Door County Fish Broil to have a bacon wrapped shrimp tempura. Wish it didn't cost $6 but it was quite good. After a little work and rest, I had to go and get Nachos Grande. Ahh....good first day
It was not a good first day for the 100 people trapped on the sky glider for three hours. Also not a good day for the 100's of people the incompetent parkers/security send down the track during a show to get out of the park. Also not a good time for handicap people who were parked in the middle of the infield and asked to walk 400 yards to the entrance. That seems to make sense, right?
I did save John Malan from having to walk all around the fair to get to his live feed at 6 on the channel 4 news. Here is the problem. The fair pays and treats it workers like shit, so for the most part you have new or crappy workers. John is standing in the media lot just a few feet from a back stage fence. I saw him there and told the workers who were telling him how to walk for about 3 miles to get to the TMJ4 booth, "I don't think he is going to bother anyone, I'll get him there" I walked him directly to the enterance to the fair, all in all about 100 yards. I did tell him that for this he had better change the weather forcast for next week.

Lyle Lovett review:
Well, Asleep at the Wheel and Lyle Lovett have great harmonies and have musicians who can play as good as anyone. I just hope the 1700 who showed up tonight knew more songs than I did, which was zero. The show lasted 4 hours, which was way to much for me. But I must admit that Lovett is an iconic figure who really looks like that in person. He has a wonderful and strong voice, but I guess I would have been more interested if I knew anything he was singing...especially when he sang for two hours. I would say you do not want to start off the fair with a crowd of under 2000 and then have those people in the concert so long they can not go out to the fair and buy more stuff on a stick and a beer.

Preview of Friday, August 6th

Potawatomi Main Stage: The Spirit of Michael 8pm
Amphitheater: Fran Cosmo former singer of Boston 8pm
Bud: Cherry Pie 8pm to midnight
Charcoal Grill: Pat McCurdy 7pm to 10pm
Miller Lite Park: The Now 3pm to 7pm
Miller Lite Sports Bar: Rhythm Method 745-1145
Water Street: Boo the Band 7-11


Scorpion said... did a tremendous job with the main stage staff being sent elsewhere...we certainly do more with less..and definitely do much more for less...