Saturday, August 07, 2010

Wisconsin State Fair Friday, August 6th review and August 7th preview

The Spirit of Michael Jackson show review:

I'm not sure if the 2350 that were at the grandstand Friday night will agree, but "Michael" was telling the truth when he said, "I'm bad" I have to be honest, I love Michael Jackson songs, but this show had a guy lip sinking with four dancers and very low budget production. The best part was that the show was under 75 minutes. The best part of the show was actually just as the show was starting, I was walking out to the end gate and the security guard out there told me a family had just walked past and one brother said, "Look at that crowd, if that was the real Michael Jackson it would be sold out" The other brother said, "He's dead"...It was funny to the guard and me. The show was only good in that I liked listening to the songs. The production was very little, the guy was not that good and over all the show sucked. What didn't suck was the sports sticks I bought from Silly Dilly Pickle booth today.

Reporting about the fair in general: The people who have been working for state fair security for over 15 years have just about had it with the way they are treated and how poorly things are done. The whole idea of working at the fair was to see old friends, have a good time, do your job and have more of a good time. I don't know if this is just the way life in America is now, but the fun days are gone. The fair is still great, but working there really isn't worth it anymore. The idea of how it used to be good seems to be the only reason people keep coming back for barely over minimum wage. But like most govt run agencies, they do not care about quality, and when the best people you have quit, you will have little quality left.

Saturday preview:
Cousins: Think Floyd 8pm
Bud: Boogie Men 8-12
MIller Lite park 76 JUliet 8-12
Saz Ribs: Bad Medicine 330-730 mt. Olive 8-12
My family eating everything at the fair 9am-noon


Scorpion said...

We'll still make good times during the fair...